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Total Living Drink Berry

Like the Greens, Total Living Drink Berry superfood is also manufactured by the Kylea Health and Energy. It has been manufactured on the foundation of the nine products in one whole formula containing health proteins of almost nine grams. It is a powder product that is needed to be mixed with normal water for making it a drink. It meets the protein, which is equivalent to several fruits and berries. Along with proteins, it also includes Enzymes, Herbs, Antioxidants, Vitamin supplements, Minerals, and Probiotics. Let’s read Total Living Drink Berry Review.

What Is Total Living Drink Berry?

The Total Living Drink Berry ingredients, like the Greens, is a nine-items-in-one whole-meals super-food solution with nearly nine grams of amino acid and the alike of 7 portions of fruits and berries. Plus, it gives probiotics enzymes, herbs, antioxidants, herbs, vitamins, making it the faultless means to you need to practice higher amounts of energy and is ideal if you are trying to slim down! It can provide the nutrition that a person can have from ingesting seven different fruit and berries. This product can help in acquiring sound health and energy if a person uses it on a consistent basis. There are many bacteria in human body some of them are used for wellness, and some of them can cause harm.

The probiotics that this product includes in it, being a good type of bacteria helps the digestive system of human body. This product is also helpful for the fatty folks for losing weight. For nutrition, many people are baffled what supplement they should use. According to some Total Living Drink Berry Reviews, kylea’s Total Living Drink Berry can be a solution for them. For living a healthy life, consuming this will provide protein, that helps in creating of lean muscles, probiotics that aids in the ecosystem of bowel, digestive support enzymes that helps the digestion system be smooth, anti-oxidants that enhances the immune system, herbs that aids in the cleansing of blood and other internal organs, Nutritional vitamins that help in building nutrition obstructs, minerals that help in sustaining existence and improves the function of the body and so on that will help in keeping good health.

Who Is the Manufacturer?

Kylea is best known for being the man behind the curtain as the makers of a well-received and well-liked green superfood drink, Kylea Total Living Drink Berry ingredients. That product is our highest rated natural superfood drink. Kylea as a company is reputable. Their support cell phone number and email address are both listed on the front of the site. I know as the number, a nice girl, answered my bogus questions. I told her I could see her from afar and only then did she hang up. That’s a joke. But the experience was straightforward. Without a real question, all I can review is “did they respond to?” They did. That’s good in my book. I did not test the support email, but let us be honest, if they answer their customer support number, I am sure they answer emails.

They have a 30-time return policy. You simply call them within 30-days to enact this process. That is a fair, standard return policy. This really signifies that you can return it if you feel it taste terrible (it doesn’t, or it shouldn’t) or you just hate the appearance of the bottle. Weight loss and health initiatives take well more than 30-days to discover.

Ingredients Of Total Living Drink Berry

Apart from talking about the Total Living Drink Berry Side effect, for newbies, this drink, much like their green superfood drink, is all natural. Not sure how often you read superfood drink brands, but I assure you, that’s not always to be assumed. In fact, often occasions, manufacturers use additives and preservatives to both flavors the drink and to extend the shelf life beyond reasonable time frames. This increases their profits. Be cautious what you snag off that CVS health segment shelf.

The ingredients have organic sources. My Kylea Total Living Drink Berry review found that this superfood natural powder has only the highest quality ingredients in play.

Vegetable and Fresh fruits Formula 

Kylea’s Total Living Drink Berry has fruit in it. Shut the front entrance! Who would have thought? Seriously, you’d be surprised how often superfood refreshments don’t have a lot of superfoods. In the case of Total Living Drink Berry, it is sincerely loaded. Alfalfa liquid, Fenugreek, Spirulina, Barley liquid, Broccoli juice, Apple fruit juice, Wheatgrass, Pineapple, Chlorella, Sour melon. That’s a powerhouse selection right there.

Antioxidant Formula 

Antioxidants are our defense against free radical cell problems. There are lots of studies which show that antioxidants combat cancer. Having this formula in their drink really pumps up the product’s value.

It also has an amino acid formula and plenty of nutrient density.


These things taste like the moment Tattoo is waving your plane down to Fantasy Island. Come on; it is a health drink, not fried Twinkies on an adhere you picked up at the fair. That being said, it does taste quite good. The fruit really sweetens out the earthy sampling items. I like it. You probably will also. If you hate it, call that great girl up and return it. Just don’t inform her you can see her because then you are probably going to be stuck with it.

Benefits of Total Living Drink Berry

As per some of the best Total Living Drink Berry Reviews on the other review sites, it has a healthful number of antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that can help in keeping human body wholesome.

  • This prime food is completely organic food as the compounds can clarify.
  • This is flawlessly organic food that has nine different ingredients.
  • It helps in the digestive function process with the help of the digestive enzymes that it consists of.
  • The herb contains helps in washing the inner organs and blood of body system.
  • By taking it can also help the immune system of human body.
  • The proteins really help the constructing of the lean muscles of the human body that it contains.
  • Taking of it on a consistent basis can help in having a sound mind and good health.
  • This product is for all demographics of people; anybody can take it if he or she feels it is needed.

Total Living Drink Berry ReviewPros: 

  • This product is an exciting product manufactured by Kylea Overall health and Energy Company.
  • This product is produced only using the ingredients from nature.
  • It is extraordinarily helpful for good health.
  • The product serves as the seven different of fruit and berries in one scoop.
  • The product helps to gain ideal weight by burning off it in a quick time.
  • Total Living Drink Berry superfood is made by using natural products.
  • Total Living Drink Berry is flawlessly organic.
  • Total Living Drink Berry contains 9
  • Total Living Drink Berry is a wonderful source of enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, and Vitamins.
  • It provides 30 days money back guarantee


  • The taste of the product is not as tasty as any other beverages like juice, so some people especially kids never feel good taking it.
  • The macromolecular ingredients like enzymes are not enough in amount.

Where to buy?

You can buy Total Living Drink Berry from official site to avail of the different offers and a special discount from the official company.

Side effects of Total Living Drink Berry

According to other Total Living Drink Berry Reviews, in Total Living Drink Berry, just any side effect has been noticed. It is made up of completely normal ingredients, and it is purely an organic food by character. As many kinds of chemicals for making its color or different style is prohibited in making this product, it has been able to avoid any side consequences.

The product is on the market for so long. No complaint has recorded until now after the launch. There might be some sort of discomfort if it is taken in a large amount at a limited space of time. However, one should take it by with a prescribed amount. If one does so, there will be no sort of discomfort no issue what. After one stop the taking of it, there might be some observable concern which is normal.

Final Verdict: 

The product is very useful for preserving good health. Regular use of it can give the person an extreme feeling of having good health. It can be very portable for consuming it when a person goes to work or outside and cannot get the possibility of having foods that are important for nutrition like fruits, fresh vegetables, and berries and take it to substitute the shortage of those.

If you’re using other medicines and you have surgical treatment, then you are better using this product before consulting with your doctor. Using this without consulting or seeking advice from any specialist may trigger severe side effects down the road. So be very careful while using it even if you are an expectant mother or a pregnant.

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