10 Effective Tips For Better Memory & Remembering Everything

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Tips For Better Memory

Memory health is directly connected to your self-confidence. Regular loss of memory will impact in your confidence level. This condition can cause depression and distract you from your social life. There is a myth that memory problem can’t be ignored after a certain age. But the truth is, you can easily keep away from this problem by following some simple steps. In this article you will get 10 effective tips for better memory and remembering condition. Hope you will find them helpful.

#1 Regular Meditation

Meditation is a form of exercise which can help you to relax and create balance in your body. It can bring a different kind of health benefits included a remedy from memory loss. It will not cost you too much time. You will only need 20 to 30 minutes in a day for this exercise. Many studies have proven its beneficial impact in memory loss treatment. Regular meditation helps you to increase neuron cell of your brain. Neuron cells enhance your memory power. Benefits of this exercise can be shared in all ages.

#2 Balance Your Body Weight

Heavy body weight brings a different kind of problems in your regular life. It can create obesity which is not so good for your health and brain. So, you need to have a proper balance in your body weight. This task can be done by creating a healthy diet chart and activity routine. Alzheimer disease can also trigger for this reason which can be bad news for your better memory. There are many other significant reasons for you to balance your body weight.

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#3 Sugar-Free Diet

Sugar is not so good for your health. It used to bring a different kind of adverse impact on your health. Besides, it also plays a vital role in your memory loss problem. In research, the scientist finds out that people who eat sugar-rich food have the more possibility of becoming a victim of memory loss disease rather than those who have a sugar free diet. Sugar is also the reason for your short-term memory loss problem. So, you should make a sugar free diet chart for yourself right now if you really want a good memory.

#4 Proper Sleep

Sleep is essential for having better memory and remembering. In your sleep, short-term memories turn into long-term memories for long lasting. Lack of sleep can damage this procedure and cause memory loss symptoms. You should have a sufficient sleep daily for better health and mind. Every adult needs 8 hours of sleep daily. But the hour mark increases for the kids. In many scientific types of research, rest has proven it’s crucial for remembering memories. Always remember the night is the best time to sleep.

#5 Consume Less Refined Carbs

People of all ages love to eat cakes, ice cream, cookies, pizza, and many other delicious foods. But the problem is that this kind of food used to contain a high amount of refined carbs. This carb helps to make this food tasty and delicious. But it is not so good for your health. It can cause a rise in blood sugar and quickly lead to a sudden memory loss problem. It also connected to cognitive function problem and dementia. Make a proper cut down on your refined carbs for having better memory health.

#6 Do Brain Exercise

You can do brain exercise by using your smartphone. There are many kinds of brain games in the app store which you will find pretty entertaining. You can also play crossword puzzles and word games. All of them are a great form of brain exercise. One hour brain exercise in a day is enough for your brain. It can solve your instant memory loss problem and the risk of dementia in adult age. It can also produce enough brain supplements for better memories and remembering.

#7 No To Alcohol

The alcoholic beverage contains unhealthy ingredients which can cause memory loss and many other health problems. Heavy alcohol drinking can raise the alcohol level from 0.5 gram to 0.8 gram. This rise can be a reason for your memory loss. It is scientifically proven that people who do not consume alcohol have more brain power. A brain part named hippocampus plays an essential role in producing memories. Heavy drinking can cause neurotoxic effect and damage your hippocampus. So, avoid excess alcohol drinking for better remembering.

#8 Eat Antioxidant Foods

Antioxidant food helps to improve your remembering power. Free radicals used to produce oxidative stress. This stress can cause a problem in your brain power. Antioxidants low in inflammation can help you to reduce this oxidative stress. Most of the fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants. So, insert as many fruits and vegetables in your diet as possible. This kind of food will lower the risk of dementia and improve cognitive function.

#9 Regular Exercise

Regular exercise helps you to maintain good mental and physical health. In many research, scientist claims that it can also improve your remembering power.  If you exercise regularly, the secretion of neuroprotective protein increases. Neuroprotective protein helps to produce new neurons. New neurons mean improvement of your mental health. It can also reduce the risk of dementia and improve the performance of the cognitive process.

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#10 Yoga

There are many forms of yoga which can help you to improve your remembering and memory health. Crane pose, lotus pose, standing forward bend, shoulder stand pose, seated forward bend and tree stand pose all are a great form of yoga for memory health. Crane pose will improve your balance and concentration. On the other hand, lotus pose helps to reduce your muscle tension and relax your mind. Every single of them has some good beneficial part for your health. It is right for you to do some yoga for brain power regularly.

What causes memory loss? If you ask me this question, then my answer will be pretty simple. The main reason for memory loss is an unhealthy lifestyle. So, you need to bring some change in your regular lifestyle to recall the lost memory power. This article shown you some path through which you can complete the task.We always try our level best to help in your hard life. If you find our work helpful, don’t forget to like comment and share.

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