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bioharmony complex plus Review

Are you ready to discover the formula and drop 47lbs of fat naturally? BioHarmony Complex Plus is a weight loss formula containing edible oil (or diet drops). Does it really work for you? Read the BioHarmony Complex Plus review.

What is Bioharmony Complex Plus?

Bioharmony complex plus is an edible oil dietary supplement that can get used to reduce weight in adults. It is made up of 100% natural ingredients and has impressive results in just days!

The ingredients and formula aim to reduce stress, work on metabolism, and improve thyroid functions. This bioharmony complex plus review will give details about why you should try this new product.

Bioharmony complex plus is a revolutionary product that can answer the question of ‘can you lose weight without going to the gym’?

Who is the Manufacturer of Bioharmony Complex Plus?

The manufacturer of this oil is Science Natural Supplements, which gets based in Las Vegas. The company started trading in 2017. It was founded by a former kettlebell gym owner from San Diego. Dr. Zehn Sterling is the mind behind this product.

What are the ingredients and formula includes in the Bioharmony Complex Plus?

The Bioharmony complex plus has 10 natural ingredients that make it one of the most amazing products related to weight loss. These ingredients are:

  • Rhodiola
  • Africa mango
  • L-ornithine
  • L-carnitine
  • L-arginine
  • L-glutamine
  • Beta-alanine
  • Astragalus
  • African mango extract
  • Niacin
  • Pygeum

As all the ingredients are natural, there are no Bioharmony complex plus side effects. Let us see what these ingredients do to help a human body lose weight:

  • Rhodiola Rosea:

It is an adaptogen herb. This ingredient helps in reducing stress. It also fights fatigue and improves concertation.

  • African Mango:

African mango is a great ingredient to reduce weight. It works in a way that improves leptin sensitivity. The ingredient helps you increase your metabolism. It is a great contributor to the overall effects of the oil

  • L-Ornithine:

It is an amino acid. The human body can make, but it can also get synthesized in a lab. It gets also used for weight loss.

  • L-Carnitine:

This is an excellent ingredient for sports supplements manufacturers. It helps in weight loss as it carries fatty acids to the cells. It helps to boost your body functions.

  • L-Arginine:

This ingredient improves the circulation of blood in the body. It allows the muscles and organs to obtain a better supply of oxygen and work efficiently. It’s another amino acid that helps in losing weight.

  • L-Glutamine:

According to studies, this ingredient has helped adult females to chose weight. It keeps the metabolism functional and improves blood flow in the body. This bioharmony complex plus review will help you decide if you want to go for it or not.

  • Beta-Alanine:

Another amino acid, it helps the body to boost serotonin and acts as an anti-aging compound. It is one of the most important Bioharmony complex plus ingredients

  • Astragalus:

It is a popular chines herb. It helps women to reduce weight and have better bodily functions. Astragalus also helps to reduce stress.

  • Niacin:

It is also known as vitamin B3. It helps boost energy and blood circulation in the body. This ultimately leads to reduced weight.

  • Pygeum:

This is a magic ingredient in this oil. It helps the body to shed the extra kilos of weight. This ingredient is also good for prostate problems in men.

How Does Bioharmony Complex Plus Work?

You have to take these drops every morning regularly to see the effects. Take the diet drops and place them under the tongue

Oil form supplement. It burns fat. It works on the thyroid gland which is the chief gland to improve digesting. It improves metabolism and helps you to lose weight fast.

So, this was the bioharmony complex plus review. The ingredients of the oil help your body to lose the extra pounds of flesh.

Now let’s learn about the Pros and Cons of this fantastic Product.


  • There’s almost everything about this Product, which makes it worth spending a few cash. It is undoubtedly a product that can save you from using expensive services, and here’s more about this fantastic creation.


  • Science natural supplements is not a new name in the market. People who keenly observe innovative health-related products are well aware of this company. Bioharmony complex plus is the gift from this company. Dr. Zane Sterling is running this organization with all his zeal and faith and has added value to his company’s products every time.


  • Most of the innovative products from this organization are herbally made with No side effects.


  • The ingredients used in this fat-burning Product meet excellent standards of quality and do maintain thorough research behind it. There is absolutely nothing to worry about the usage quantity and side effects of this Product. It’s all healthy and saves and creates a better life experience for you, every time you consume it.


  • This science natural supplements bioharmony complex plus is made from all herbal ingredients: It is the most important thing that confuses the buyer before buying any consumable product for medical reasons.


  • You do not need to worry about the chemical nature of this Product since it’s a herbal product with miraculous results.


  • The struggle is real when you’re asked to follow several diet plans and other hectic exercising rules and plans. Scientists confirm that consuming edible oil bring results much faster than using traditional medicines.

So people do not need to indulge themselves in eating tablets that attack their immune system quickly. The product is all ok with you. Since this supplement is made up of organic and hygienic products, that is why it has no chance of affecting your body system adversely. You can trust Dr.Zane Sterling considering his vast and honest record of producing products for the betterment of human health.


  • It may sound a bit biased, but this product indeed has no cons. All-natural ingredients in this supplement save it from all sorts of negative feedback.

Where to buy the Bioharmony Complex Plus?

This bioharmony complex plus supplement is straightforward to buy because you simply need to visit their official website and place your order. Now, This saves your time and cost of searching this product in the market place.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bioharmony Complex Plus!

Q1. How should you take it?

Well! There’s nothing special you need to do for this product. You simply need to take one dose daily and wait for the results. Now, the results depend upon your target, If you’re considering to lose 2-3 Pounds weight than you will be able to see results within 1st week of usage. Similarly, If you have the aim to lose 5 Pounds or a little more than you might need to wait for an extra week or so to see results and Lastly If you want to lose 10 Pounds or more, then you need to wait for 3 months at least to witness significant results.

Q2. How much does it cost?

The company offers this supplement in 3 options.

$69 each bottle if you want to lose 2-3 Pounds of weight. And if you think you need to lose more of your body weight than consider 3 Bottle package, which comes at a price of $59 per bottle and gives you a fantastic discount.

But, If your aim is high, then you have a 6 Bottle Package with bearing just $49/bottle. You can share the extra bottles with your family or friends who needs it most.

Q3. What is the Return Policy?

Who would like to return such an amazing product which is offering jaw-dropping results?

Yes! You have a 180 days money-back guarantee, regardless of what package you buy. You can use all the bottles, and if you feel like having No evident result on yourself, then you simply need to contact them, and they will refund you your amount and Without any deduction.

Q4. Is it a Scam?

You need to visit their website, and after going through all the reviews, you’ll learn that nobody has used the word bioharmony complex plus scam in feedback.

The product is 100% Real and has a registered website and a well-known maker who is already famous for his brilliant knowledge about healthcare products.

Another thing that is worth mentioning here is that there are no hidden or delivery charges for this product. Trust your guts and buy this product.


This bioharmony complex plus supplement is a potential product with promising results. It is a product of Dr. Zane Sterling and gets made up of all-natural products, which means the consumer will not have any medical concern about bearing some sorts of side effects.

The product comes with a pocket-friendly price and offers you a 180 days return if you feel no evident results from the product.

So, there’s nothing to burden your brain with more questions. Show your faith in the company and change your future with a healthy weight.

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