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EpiShield Plus Review

Are you struggling from health issues? You may need an immediate solution for relief from different health problems. Nowadays, dietary supplements are available to improve your immune system. As you get older, the function of your immune system will become poor. A weak immune system can make you prone to different diseases. Aged-people and children have a weak or poor immune system. It may make you fall sick quickly and create damages or malfunction in essential organs. A robust immune system is necessary to keep you healthy and happy. Small children may achieve strong immunity, but older adults may not stay healthy or strong. Fortunately, you can improve your immune system with the help of natural ingredients. The best combination of natural ingredients is available in Simple Promise Epishield Plus. This product has natural yeast that goes through a unique and complex fermentation. Use of this product will provide sufficient vitamins to your body. If you to evaluate this product, read the Epishield Plus Review.

What is Epishield Plus?

Epishield Plus is a quick immunity fix with natural ingredients. Consistent use of this product will help you to strengthen your immunity. The natural ingredients of this formula support healthy immunity. Exclusive formula of this supplement offers strong respiratory and nasal support and immune system.

Wrong diet and unhealthy lifestyle can impact your overall health. With the use of this supplement, you can boost your immunity. This brand offers a great shield and permits you to stay healthy.

Who is the Manufacturer of Epishield Plus?

Simple Promise Epishield Plus is famous for its unique formula. The brand offers the best supplements to maintain your health. They manufacture their supplements at cGMP certified facilities. These products are safe for everyone. To solve your immunity issues, you can trust on this supplement.

Ingredients and Formula of Epishield Plus:

The list of Epishield Plus ingredients contains several beneficial names. You can provide your body with essential components.

  • Vitamin C:

This supplement has vitamin C to improve your immune system. Vitamin C is vital for repair and normal growth of connective tissues, such as blood vessels, skin, cartilage and bone. Remember, vitamin C supports interferon productions to deal with pathogens.

Vitamin C can improve the function of phagocytes (the type of white blood cell) that surrounds pathogens. This vitamin is available in your white blood cells. It supports the immune response of your body cells. Use of vitamin C can improve the production of cytokines through white blood cells. Cytokine acts as communication proteins to transmit information to other cells from white blood cells.

  • Vitamin D :

Vitamin D is available in Epishield Plus to strengthen your immune system. This vitamin plays an essential role in modulating adaptive and innate immune responses. Deficiency of this vitamin can increase the chances of autoimmunity. As a result, you will be more susceptible to infections.

Remember, vitamin D is essential to promote your bone health and calcium homeostasis. It enhances calcium absorption in the small intestine and inspires osteoclast differentiation. Vitamin D plays a vital role in the treatment of infections, including tuberculosis.

  • EpiCor (Fermentate of Dried Yeast):

It is a postbiotic ingredient prepared through the natural procedure of fermentation and supports a healthy gut microbiome. With the help of Epicor, you can improve the health of your immune system. This supplement has EpiCor to offer numerous health benefits.

EpiCor is famous for its bioactive metabolites. With its use, it is easy to manage your regular immune health. You will get support for winter and spring nasal comfort. It can modulate the microbiota in gut positively.

  • Mushroom Blend:

In EpiShield Plus supplement, you will find a healthy mushroom blend. This blend includes shiitake mushroom, powder of cordyceps sinesis, power of maitake mushroom and reishi mushroom.

  • Shiitake Mushrooms:

These are famous around the world for their fantastic health benefits. It has several unique compounds to fight with cancer, support cardiovascular health and boost immunity. Shiitake mushrooms have low calories and offer several minerals and vitamins. In this supplement, shiitake mushrooms are available to boost longevity and health.

  • Cordyceps Sinensis:

It is a fungus living on particular caterpillars in Chinese mountain regions. No doubt, it is expensive and challenging to get this fungus. This supplement is good to treat sexual problems and kidney disorders. Cordyceps is suitable to improve your immunity by inspiring specific chemicals and cells in your immune system. The activity of this powder can shrink the size of tumor in skin or lung cancers.

  • Reishi Mushroom:

Use of this mushroom is famous in eastern medicines. It has different health benefits, such as fighting cancers and boosts the immune system. Reishi mushroom grows in a humid and hot location of Asia. This mushroom has numerous molecules, such as peptidoglycans, polysaccharides, triterpenoids, etc. It is suitable to boost your immunity. Some forms of the mushrooms are good to alter pathways of inflammation.

  • Maitake Mushroom:

For your immune system, this mushroom has essential chemicals. The use of this mushroom will help your body to fight with immunity issues. It is good to decrease blood pressure, improve levels of cholesterols, low blood sugar levels and decrease weight.

How Does Epishield Plus Work?

The Epishield Plus is an easy and brand new solution to fortify your immunity shield. This supplement offers support to your body and improves its immune system. With this revolutionary formula, you can avoid several health issues.

Consistent use of this supplement will strengthen your immune system. The supplement fortifies and boosts your original immunity. You can enjoy the secret benefits of yeast to build strong immunity. It is a complete solution to restore your original immunity.


  • Build the natural ability of your body to fight off different bacteria and viruses.
  • The product supports a strong immune response.
  • Naturally help your body to avoid diseases.
  • A strong shield can provide the right nutrients to your body.
  • The best type of immune modulator to keep you healthy.
  • Offers necessary support to your immune system.
  • Greater support for the immune system of human.
  • A unique method to maintain a healthy immune system of your body
  • Allows the body to create a shield against intruders.


EpiShield Plus side effects are not available to impact your body. The natural ingredients of this product can improve your overall strength. Remember, this supplement is not available offline. You have to purchase it from an online shop. Results of this supplement may vary from individual to individual. Avoid exceeding the suggested dose.

Where To Buy Epishield Plus?

Visit official website to buy this product. It will start working within two hours and offer antioxidants benefits. Remember, this product is not available at offline shops.

Frequently Asked Questions about Epishield Plus!

Q1. How must you take Epishield Plus supplement?

It is a dietary supplement to offer essential vitamins, fibers and minerals to your body. For the best result, you can take two capsules daily with any of your meal. It will be useful to consult your physician before using this supplement. You can enjoy the best results by combining this supplement with a healthy diet.

Q2. How Much Does it Cost?

You can buy one bottle containing 60 capsules in $49. To save money, try to order this product in bulk. Moreover, visit the official website of Simple Promise to place your order.

Q3. What is their Return Policy of Epishield Plus?

EpiShiled Plus is available with 365 days money-back guarantee. For more details about their return policy, you can visit their website.

Q4. Is Epishield Plus a scam?

Some people have confusion because of Epishield Plus scam rumors. Remember, it is an original product with natural ingredients. You can check the list of ingredients and consult your doctor. Moreover, they offer a money-back guarantee for your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, you can ask for a refund.

Q5. Do I have to follow any precaution?

You should not exceed the serving size because the extra dose can be harmful. Pregnant ladies should avoid this product. Furthermore, if you are suffering from a medical condition, consult your doctor before using this product.


EpiShield Plus is a recommended product to protect your body against different diseases. EpiShield Plus reviews prove that it is beneficial to strengthen your immunity. This supplement starts working within 15 minutes. Anyone can use this supplement without any age or weight restriction.

After using this supplement, you will experience the best results. This supplement is enough to support a different immunity barrier. Regularly use this supplement to enjoy its powerful effects.


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