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Are you depressed because of your grey hair? Are you looking for a miracle that will stop the greying at the earliest? Well, you should not waste your time pondering over the problem. You should adopt a solution-oriented approach. What you need to do is go through our Foligray Review, and you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Before we go through the review in detail, let us give you some insight into what Foligray is all about.

What is Foligray?

Foligray is a natural solution that encourages the growth of new hair, and it stops the hair fall. What makes this supplement a great choice is that it offers adequate support for natural pigmentation. As a customer, you need not to be apprehensive when buying Foligray because it has the best domestic and local ingredients.

Who is the Manufacturer?

Vita Balance is the manufacturer of Foligray. They offer top quality supplements that help to address imbalances and health deficiencies. The company caters to the North American and UK market.

Vita Balance manufactures the supplements in an FDA approved facility, and this information is available on the official site.

Foligray Ingredients and Formula


One of the main Foligray Ingredients is Catalase. It is an enzyme that is crucial for human health. It will not be wrong to state that Catalase is more of an antioxidant enzyme. It can catalyze the hydrogen peroxide conversion into oxygen and water.

Now, you might have this thought in your mind, and that is how Catalase offers value to your body. The answer is simple. When your body develops an infection, then you will notice that the body tends to produce more hydrogen peroxide. The reason is that the body wants to fight the pathogens.

Once the hydrogen peroxide is no longer needs, it needs to be disposed. Well, this is where the role of Catalase comes in. It breaks the hydrogen peroxide into safe compounds.

Another aspect worth mentioning is that Catalase improves the vitality of the body. Plus, it has anti-aging effects and promotes longevity of life also. Catalase also plays a crucial in preventing protein accumulation and DNA damage.

Catalase has a strong connection with greying hair also. What you need to know is that the production of the catalase enzyme starts to decline as we age. As a result, hydrogen peroxide production increases in the body. Well, this is why our hair starts to turn grey. Over time, the grey hair turns white.

When you consume this supplement, then it helps to fulfill the Catalase deficiency, and the grey hair growth slows down.


Foligray also makes use of Fo-Ti which is a plant. Fo-Ti gets used to treat different kinds of health problems. For example, it can treat heart disease, cancer, and memory issues as well. What makes Fo-Ti stand out is that it has anti-aging effects also.

Another important aspect to mention here is that Fo-Ti is useful for all those who have grey hair issues. The best part is that Fo-Ti can stop greying hair altogether. If you have knee soreness and lower back issues, then the Fo-Ti is a magical cure for these issues also.

Pantothenic acid: 

Another crucial ingredient present in Foligray is Pantothenic acid known as vitamin B5. The vitamin B5 present in your body helps to convert food into energy. The presence of vitamin B5 will ensure the fact that you have a healthy digestive tract.

The good news is that the pantothenic acid helps to slow down the grey hair growth. It can lower down the cholesterol levels also.


There is no denying the fact that Foligray is a complete supplement that has all the key ingredients. It has copper also. It is important for you to know that copper is an essential trace mineral which is mandatory for survival.

The presence of copper in this supplement leads to collagen production. Plus, copper helps in the production of energy also. If a person is copper deficient, then it can lead to cardiovascular problems.

When you consume this supplement, then it helps to produce the red blood cells in the body. Another benefit of copper is that it helps to maintain healthy bones also. When copper is present in a supplement, then it helps in iron absorption also.

Due to the presence of copper Foligray will boost your immune system also.

Foligray IngredientsHow to Use Foligray?

When you make up your mind to try out this supplement, then make it a point to go through Foligray Reviews also. The benefit of this practice is that you will get a fair idea regarding how others benefitted from this supplement.

It is essential that you should follow the instructions mentioned on the bottle. Ideally, you should take about two capsules of Foligray daily. However, make sure that you take this supplement with your meal. Do not take it on an empty stomach.

Is Foligray scam or legit?

When you buy a supplement, then you are apprehensive that it may be a scam. However, it is not always the case. You do not have to worry about Foligray Scam. If the manufacture of the supplement takes place in an FDA approved facility, then there is no chance of scam.

Secondly, when a supplement is a scam, then the manufacturer conceals the facts, but it is not the case with Foligray Supplement. When you check the site, you will notice that the supplement ingredient information is available. The information should be enough for you to trust the manufacturer.

The supplement facts are also available on the website of Foligray. When you look at the facts, then you will get a clear picture about the nutrients that you will get through this supplement.

How Does Foligray work?

What you need to remember is that Foligray has Biotin in it as well apart from the ingredients mentioned above. When you consume this supplement, then you will notice that it improves hair growth and volume. The quality of the hair improves as well.

The reason is that Biotin promotes the synthesis of protein within the molecular structure of the hair follicles. As a result, you get to experience thick hair. Fo-Ti also interacts with the different chemical present in your body, and this is why it restricts the grey hair.

 All the mentioned ingredients work together to nourish the hair pigmentation.


  • Foligray is a lasting solution to combat grey hair.
  • The buyers get exclusive support through live chat support service.
  • It helps to nourish graying hair.
  • It helps to support catalase levels.
  • It supports strong & healthy hair.
  • It provides natural support for graying hair & hair pigmentation.
  • ‍ Foligray supports thick, strong & healthy hair.
  • It provides 30 days full money back guarantee.


  • It is only available on online.

Where to Buy Foligray?

You should buy Foligray graying hair supplement from the official site only. If you decide to go for a single bottle purchase, then you get about 60 capsules which last a month. When you buy the supplement from the official site, then you can get it an affordable price.

If you decide to make your purchase from the official website, then you will get a bonus offer too. If you buy four bottles of this supplement, then you will get one bottle for free.


By now, you are aware of Foligray Benefits. Well, this is why you should not be hesitant to go for this supplement. You do not need to get concerned about Foligray side effects also. The reason is that the manufacturer included all the ingredients in the supplement after a lot of research.

It is understandable that you might be curious about how long it will take to witness the results. It is important to give you a realistic figure about the results. It will take about 90 days to get visible results, but the supplement is worth it.

When buying Foligray Hair Pigmentation Formula, you need to remember one more important aspect also. If you want to get the best results, then it is vital that you should eat right as well.

Eat a balanced diet, and you should make it a point to exercise on a daily basis. A disciplined routine will boost the results of the Foligray pills.

When you go for this supplement, then you will not need a medical prescription for the purchase. However, it is better to play safe. Before buying the supplement, you should consult your physician. The approach is essential if you have any health issues.

The physician will study the ingredients of the supplement and will guide you accordingly. Some people get misled by the perception that if they exceed the dosage, then they will get better results.

Follow the recommended dosage only. However, make sure that you are regular with supplement consumption. You will get results for sure, and you will get pleased by the change in your hair colour. Visit the official site now and click the order tab to buy Foligray right away.

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