Causes of Hair Lose & Homemade Treatment for Hair Lose Problems.

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Home made treatment for hair lose Problems

Hair loss problem is a significant problem in the modern world. We all love our hair and feel frustrated when they started to fall.  Most women are always afraid of hair fall problem because hair is there nature crown. You can ask them to do anything to get rid of it. In this article you will get some Homemade Treatment for Hair Lose Problems which you can take in action from home and get rid of hair loss. This Homemade treatment for hair lose Problems can solve your hair fall problem for a lifetime. Here you will also get some info about Causes of Hair Lose & why really your hair fall start. Read them carefully and apply them appropriately to lead a happy, healthy life.

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Causes of Hair Lose

#Nutrition lacking

Nutrition is the most important ingredient for healthy living. A healthy life means healthy hair too. When your food does not contain enough protein and minerals, then the hair fall problem starts to show off. You should eat sufficient amount of nutritious fruits to get rid of hair fall. Lack of vitamin D can trigger hair loss in women. Tuna, milk, cheese and egg yolk are rich in vitamin D. Besides this foods; there are many other foods which you can choose to solve your vitamin d lacking. Intake of sufficient amount of vitamin and minerals will make you healthy in all manner.

#Imbalance Of Hormone

Hormone imbalance can trigger different types of problem in your body. Besides, there are also some hormones whose shortcoming doesn’t bother you much. If you ask me for example, I say about the monthly fluctuations in women. Fluctuation is a normal hormone imbalance which helps you in pregnancy. But cortisol hormone, amenorrhea or menorrhagia hormone imbalance can cause hair fall. They produce dihydrotestosterone combustion which can be the reason for your hair fall.

#Disorders Of Thyroid

Infection in your thyroid gland is known as disorder of thyroid. The thyroid gland is present in front part of your neck. In the metabolic process of our body, this thyroid gland has a title character. The thyroid produces thyroid hormone with the help of iodine and makes the metabolic process possible. Any problem in your thyroid can cause excess or less amount of hormones release. This destruction can be a reason for your hair fall and many other issues.

#Birth Control Pills

Sex is essential for reproduction, but in this modern world, we do not use this method only for reproduction. We do it for enjoyment too. But if you do not use any protection, then your pleasure can create breeding. But if you are not in the situation to accept reproduction, then birth control medicine helps. Many women regularly are taking this pills to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy. It stops the natural interchange process of your body which can make you an unhealthy person. It can be a solution to terminate the unwanted pregnancy but not a hair fall solution. Be aware and use a condom.

#Excess Stress

When you are in a terrible situation and always thinking about the solution, your body starts to produce stress hormone in your bloodstream. Over release of stress hormone can cause physical and mental lousy condition. Regular stress can pull you toward the slow hair fall phase. Try to do some yoga and keep away from excess pressure. Learn to control your anger and lead a healthy life.

#Massive Amount Of Cosmetic Products Use

There are many brands for our hair in the market. Different brand of shampoo and conditioner beings different ingredients and benefits. But do you know almost every one of them contains a terrible toxic chemical known as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)? This chemical can cause hair fall. I am not asking you to stop using them, but you should know the limitations of using them. Don’t use any cosmetic product in your hair more than once in a week.

Homemade Treatment of Hair Lose Problem

 Egg Yolk Paste

Egg yolk contains sulfur, phosphorus, selenium, iodine, zinc, and proteins. Most of this vitamin and mineral helps to increase the growth of your hair. You can make a paste from the egg yolk at home. First, break down the egg and separate the yolk from the white part. You have to add some more ingredients with this yellow part of your egg. You will need honey and olive oil. Take the yolk and add a tablespoon of honey and the olive oil with it. Blend the mixture until it turns into a perfect paste. Slowly add this paste in every single part of your hair. Wait and let it dry. After that, try to wash your hair with herbal shampoo. Use this paste once in a week in your hair and your hair will start to grow thick and healthy.

Coconut milk

Breakdown a coconut and boil it. It started to extract some liquid which you can call coconut oil or milk. This liquid contains fat and protein which can help you in hair growth. Try to avoid store coconut milk pot because they include unhealthy chemical compounds. They can’t skip this chemical compound as they need to preserve the milk for a long time. But if you make your own coconut oil at home that will turn into a best hair loss product. With the extracted coconut milk add a tablespoon of black pepper and fenugreek seed. With your finger upper part slowly rub this oil in every single piece of your hair.

Green tea

We all know antioxidants help us to prevent hair loss and enhance our hair growth. Green tea contains antioxidants. Making green tea is straightforward. Add two or three green tea leaves with some hot water. Make sure the water is in a bearable heat so that you do not burn your head and hair in this process. I love this process so much so that I give it a name, laser hair treatment.

Onion oil

Sulfur is an essential component for our hair. It helps to enhance the blood circulation of your hair follicles and also fight with scalp diseases. To extract the onion oil, you have to put the onion in a blender. After the extraction, use cotton to apply them in your hair. Slowly massage the head, and you will feel better. Wait for 15-20 minutes then wash your head with herbal shampoo and water. After use of someday, you will encounter the change in your hair.

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Human is beautiful for their hair. Deficiency of hair can destroy your beauty. You should always take proper care of them so that it last longer. Using store product in your hair is not good for them. But you can try some natural methods to enhance your health growth and also stop the hair fall if they are happening. We have discussed, why your hair falls and how can you prevent that. If any of the points help you in your hard work, we will be delighted to know.

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