Longevity Greens Review: Does This Advanced Bionutritionals Greens Drink Work?

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Longevity Greens Review

Do you feel drained all the time because your energy levels are low? Have you started to feel the need to consume a drink that would transform your health for the better. The truth is that it becomes very difficult to function when you do not enjoy a good health. Now, there are many products in the market that promise to transform your health. However, making the right choice can be tough. Well, this is why you must go through Advanced Bionutritionals Longevity Greens Review to find out how it can be a life changing experience.

 What is Advanced Bionutritionals Longevity Greens?

Longevity Greens is an energy booster supplement that you can consume in the form of a drink on a daily basis. What makes this supplement stand out is that it tends to have antioxidative properties. As a result, your body is in a better position to fight the environmental stress. The best part is that the supplement also helps in regulating the inflammatory response of the human body.

Who is the Manufacturer of Longevity Greens?

Advanced Bionutritionals created Longevity Greens. The best thing about this company is that they already have a lot of products selling in the market that offer value to the customers. The company ensures that they source the best ingredients so that the customers can benefit in the best way. The best part is that the company also conducts detailed lab tests related to the quality of the ingredients.

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What are the Ingredients of Longevity Greens?

It seems like you’re listing potential ingredients for a supplement called “Longevity Greens.” Here’s a breakdown:

  • Quercetin:

Quercetin is a flavonoid found in many plants and foods such as onions, apples, and berries. It’s known for its antioxidant properties and potential health benefits, including anti-inflammatory effects and supporting heart health.

  • Ergothioneine:

Ergothioneine is a naturally occurring amino acid with antioxidant properties. It’s found in certain foods like mushrooms, beans, and oats. Some research suggests it may have protective effects against oxidative stress and inflammation.

  • Puremidine:

Puremidine, also known as spermidine, is a polyamine compound found in various foods like soybeans, wheat germ, and mushrooms. It’s been studied for its potential anti-aging effects, including autophagy induction, which is the body’s way of removing damaged cells and regenerating new ones.

  • MitoGreens:

MitoGreens seems to be a proprietary blend or product name rather than a specific ingredient. It might contain various ingredients aimed at supporting mitochondrial health and overall vitality. This could include antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and possibly plant extracts.

  • Apple fruit powder:

One of the main Longevity Greens ingredient is Apple fruit powder. The best thing about this fruit powder is that it tends to strengthen your cognitive function. It tends to protect your from several neurogenerative diseases. Plus, it tends to have minerals like Calcium and Boron which strengthen your bones.

  • Spirulina:

The  supplement has Spirulina that lowers the bad cholesterol levels in the human body and increases the good cholesterol levels. The best thing about Spirulina is that it tends to have a significant amount of Vitamin A in it. As a result, it provides all the necessary nutrients to your eyes. The best thing about Spirulina is that it tends to reduce the blood sugar levels in your body.

  • Clove extract:

The wonder ingredient of this supplement are cloves. What cloves do is that they tend to improve your respiratory health for the better. The best thing about Clove is that it tends to demonstrate antimicrobial activity. The benefit is that it tends to prevent different kinds of infections. The good news is that Clove can play a crucial role to relieve any gastrointestinal discomfort.

  • Green tea extract:

Green tea in this supplement tends to have protective effects for the liver. Well, the good news is that Green Tea has compounds like L-Theanine in it which tend to improve your alertness. Plus, Green Tea tends to have a positive impact on your mood. The best thing about Green Tea is that it also prevents diseases of the gums and the formation of bacteria in the mouth.

  • Onion extract:

Onion extract in this supplement prevents the formation of scars and blemishes on the face. What is worth mentioning is that Onion extract tends to nourish your scalp also. It helps to promote hair growth. Plus, you will get rid of the dandruff in your hair due to the presence of onion extract.

  • Grapeseed extract:

Grapeseed extract in this supplement tends to dilate your blood vessels. At the same time, Grapeseed extract plays a crucial role in improving the endothelial function in the human body. You will experience improvement in your blood pressure levels due to this magical ingredient. The best part is that your memory will also improve due to the presence of this ingredient.

Longevity Greens Ingredients

How Does Longevity Greens Work?

Apple fruit powder in this supplement improves your health by keeping a check on your calorie intake. The apple fruit powder in this supplement is a rich source of fiber. As a result, you get a feeling of fullness and tend to consume less calories.

Spirulina in this supplement tend to have phycocyanin which help in increasing the production of the white blood cells in the human body. Clove in this supplement also tends to improve your health because it helps in reducing inflammation due to compounds like eugenol. The benefit is that you will be able to get rid of Arthritis symptoms.

The best thing about this supplement is that all the ingredients tend to compliment each other. As a result, you are in a position to reap the maximum health benefit.


  • Longevity Greens tends to have anti-cancer properties
  • It protects your skin from UV damage and boosts the collagen production
  • It boosts your heart, brain, and gut health
  • It promotes lifespan extension & cell autophagy.
  • The supplement tends to enhance the strength of your muscles & improves energy.
  • It helps in the detoxification of your body
  • The supplement ingredients have analgesic properties and tend to relieve pain


  • The company must offer live support to answer customer concerns
  • The website must have more perks

Where to buy Longevity Greens supplement?

You should always visit the official website when you intend to get your hands on a reliable supplement. The reason is that the product is available at a discounted price. Plus, it is an easy job to order from official website. The company also ensures the fact that your product is delivered to you at the earliest. Usually, you tend to receive the product in three to five days.

Frequently Asked Questions about Longevity Greens!

Q1. What is the price of Longevity Greens?

  • The price of one packet is $49.95.
  • Three packets price is $134.85
  • Six packets price is $249

Q2. Is the Longevity Greens scam?

No, Longevity Greens is not a scam because the company offers an exclusive money-back guarantee. Only those companies offer money-back guarantee which know that their product will give the desired results.

Q3. Are refunds available with Longevity Greens?

Yes, you have 90-days to try out the product. What is necessary is that you should stick to the recommended dose. If you feel that you are unable to get the results you want, then you can request refund. The company refunds your money without asking any questions.

Q4. What is the dose of the Longevity Greens?

Well, the serving size is one scoop. However, it is essential that before consume the supplement consult with your doctor if you have serious health issue. It is vital that you must not exceed the recommended dose for better result.

Q5. How can I maximize the results of this Longevity Greens supplement?

When you consume this supplement, then make sure that you have a healthy diet. Plus, it is also crucial that you exercise on a daily basis. The benefit is that it helps to maximize the results of this supplement.


When you order Longevity Greens supplement, then it will take you at least three months to witness the complete results of this supplement. What is essential is that you must be consistent in using this supplement. The best part is that the supplement has all the natural ingredients which are completely safe for use. As a result, you will not have to worry about any side effects. Make sure that you order this supplement now to get the results you want.

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