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Have you ever came across the term baby-genitals? If you had not, you are lucky because this is an issue some men today suffer from. We are going to discuss this issue in detail and going to offer you a viable solution for it. We hope the following will help clear your concepts about the given issue. Following, we are going to review an extender which can help you get rid of the baby-genital issue. This issue is not a health hazard but quite embarrassing to the subject. To put an end to their misery, we are going to review the solution in deep details, so take your time to go through our male edge review.

What is Male Edge?

Have you heard about a penis extender? If you read some male edge reviews before, you would come to realize that these are devices you wear on your genital and increase their size This idea sounds ridiculous at first, but it has some weight This is not the first time anyone is trying to pull this thing off. It has been tried times before; it’s just male edge is offering some contemporary improvement that will make it easy for the user to wear this device.

This product comes from a company that has been selling extenders for near 20 years. It won’t be wrong to say this is a premium extender because it uses the least amount of plastic if you compare it with other options available in the market So if you have some issues with your genitals or their respective size, you might as well consider trying this product for yourself.

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe and following we are going to prove this to you. So be patent and continue reading!

What is the Formula Includes in Male Edge?

Do you know the safest way to grow the size of your genitals? If you want a non-invasive way, then you have to use stretching. This works by applying a stretch to the shaft of your genitals. It causes the cells in the tissue to divide and multiply.

You will have to use the Male Edge Penis enlargement device for months before you can see any visible results. It uses traction; this is a far better alternative of surgery. You won’t suffer from any pain, recovery time or complications. The results of traction have en proved clinically, so no use to argue on that.

This product is ideal for people who are suffering from Peyronie’s disease. This is called by scar tissue known as plague. It forms inside the genitals. This makes the genital bend upward or to the side. Using an extender is a non-invasive way to treat this issue. Genital shortening remains a primary. This has been noted in clinical studies that the length of genital does get affected as much as 3 cm following a surgery. But you can avoid this issue if you use an extender like male edge to treat this issue.

Contents of Package

Before we talk about the contents of the box, we want to take our time and discuss we appreciate the presentation of the box with nice curves and corners. It’s hard to get such a good presentation even when you buy a thousand-dollar phone, so kudos to the design team. Anyway, every male edge penis extender box has the following content

  • Extender
  • Travel bag
  • Training routine
  • Ruler
  • Protective pads
  • Spare rubber straps
  • Instructional DVD
  • Cohesive gauze
  • Training Journal
  • Access to online community and forum
  • Access to online instructional video and much more

How Does Male Edge Work?

  • As said before, this is a genital extender. You have to fit your genital from a given size range. Use this time for the given amount of time, and you will start seeing visible results. It works on the principle of cell division and multiplication. Cell division plays an important rule for the growth of our body. This product uses the same theory when it comes to increasing the size of genitals.
  • We will explain how this works in our male edge review in details. When you fix this device, it will apply tension to your penis. This will cause the cells to split; this will make room for making new cells while the older ones heal.
  • The new cells take place that is created in the tissue so that muscles grow in size. This is the same principle on which bodybuilding works. Therefore, you will need to use this device regularly to achieve optimum results.
  • However, it’s best not to use this device more than the recommended period. Yes, some people are looking for quicker results, not this is not how you can achieve them. This product increases both the length and girth of your genitals, but it requires some time to do so!

Does Male Edge WorkHow to Use Male Edge?

Unlike other extenders, male edge elements come fully assembled. You are not required to do anything besides wearing the device. The product works intuitively, and there is almost no room for accidental mistakes. You have to take the front part of the rods and find the ring. This part goes on the base of genital.

You might have some issues with the sizing, but you can tweak the device to fit you. If your genial is a loner than 5 inches when soft and stretch, you have to turn rubber strap around. If the genital is under the given size, you don’t have to touch it.

Just slide your tip through the top. The rods better be turned clockwise and pull them out to reach the ideal length.  Once you have it, you have to push it back to secure your extender. Get a click sound so you can adjust traction by dealing with elongation rods.

If you feel confused, don’t worry because male edge manufacturing materials are somewhat sophisticated as compared to plastic. However, the operating principles remain the same. Don’t worry; you can’t do anything wrong because you have a manual of instructions to help you.

Is Male Edge Scam or Legit?

Is the Male Edge Scam or not? The answer is no; this product is safe and effective This sounds hilarious at first using an extender to increase the size of your genitals, but this product delivers on its promise So on these grounds, we are not suggesting this is a scam.

 We will encourage you to use this device if you have issues regarding the size of your genitals. It’s a safer and far better alternative of doing surgery to fix your genitals. Not to mention, you save a ton of money by using this product instead.

It’s high time to highlight the pros and cons of our male edge review. Please take your time to go through them!


  • This product comes with spare parts as well as informational DVDs. The results will take some time, but at least you are not putting yourself through something poisonous or irritating. The product is easy to maintenance. You need to wash it regularly while using. This extender is ideal for people who don’t have perfectly stretch genitals.
  • It provides double money back guarantee and one year warranty. If you are not satisfy after using male edge then male edge company will give twice your money back.
  • It is easy to use and safe.
  • It solves baby-genital issue.
  • Male Edge enhance the size of penis.


  • You will have to wait for a while before you can see any visible result. Moreover, results vary from person to person.
  • It is only available on online.

Where to Buy Male Edge?

We are not going to conclude our Male Edge Review without telling you the best place to buy this product from. If you are interested in trying this product, you better buy it from the official website of the company. Yes, you can find it easily from other stores or pharmacies. But if you do that, you run into high chances of buying a counterfeit. So, its better you assure your safety by buying from the official website of the company.

This way, you can rest assured that your investment is protected and you only get what you paid for, a quality product that delivers on its promise.

Male Edge Packages

All penis extenders of MaleEdge are made by hand in Denmark, using only the finest quality materials. The MaleEdge products come in 3 different package Such as:

  1. MaleEdge Basic.
  2. MaleEdge Extra.
  3. MaleEdge Pro.


Its time we wind up our review! Yes, this product is worth your money. It delivers on its promise and safe for use. If you wanted a solution for your genital issues, you have it. This product is designed for men who have issues with the genital size and want to grow it without going under the knife. If you are one of these gentlemen, then you would be happy to know there are no male edge side effects.

It is safe for use. Just make sure you don’t use it over the recommended duration, or else you risk running into some issue So, you better be safe.

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