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Do you want to be Energetic? Fatigue is common when you are trying to lose weight or tone your body. If that’s the case with you, then we might have something of your interest. The NiacinMax Review covers a health supplement that helps your body produce. Yes, it improves your energy levels without any side effects. NiacinMax can help you if you suffer from fatigue or lack of energy. It optimizes your body and helps you achieve your fitness goals. This product improves your overall health, and outlook.

What is NiacinMax?

NiacinMax is a Niacin supplement. It comes in the shape of dissolving strips. This product claims it can improve your HGH concentration (Human Growth Hormone), and Oxygen levels. It is designed to improve your athletic performance.

NiacinMax is formulated to be potent and effective. It enables people to reach their peak physical performance. This supplement acts fast and quickly gets absorbed in your cells. The product achieves this by improving the production of HGH by 600%.

This improves oxygen levels by 50%. This ultimately boosts your energy levels and supercharges the stamina.  The product has excellent antioxidant properties and protects you against any damage.

This product also lowers your cholesterol levels while improving your cardiovascular health. This helps to control the blood levels and keep it at a normal rate. This in return improves your nerve system and helps you get healthy hair and skin.

So, fight off fatigue, and live a healthier life. All of these combined helps you achieve a better outlook in just a short period.

Ingredients and Formula of NiacinMax

NiacinMax Ingredients feature a unique delivery system. This innovation makes the health supplement perhaps the most bioavailable niacin product. It features a direct to cell system which gives the user a performance edge. It is made up of the following few ingredients:

# Niacin 

Pure and readily Bioavailable Niacin is digested as it passes through the digestive system. This way, it doesn’t get absorbed in the bloodstream. In such cases, it will take somewhere between 2-4 hours to feel the results. On the contrary, NiacinMax shows results within minutes.

The strip quickly dissolves in your mouth and passes through mucosal tissues, and then gets absorbed in the bloodstream without any nutrient breakdown before it reaches the targeted cells.

# Vitamin B3 

Niacin is derived from Vitamin B3. There is 75mg of Niacin in each strip. However, thanks to the improved delivery system, it’s more effective as compared to a 100 mg tablet. NiacinMax doesn’t have the lower grade Niacinamide. It contains the top-end Niacin which causes “Niacin Flush.”

Niacin Flush is a process which helps to build up your body’s tolerance. But how do you know the supplement initiates Niacin Flush? When you get slight tingling, and your skin turns a bit red, you should know the supplement is doing its magic.

# Liposomal Encapsulation 

NiacinMax isn’t made with phospholipids where they use inferior soy lecithin as capsule gel. The weak barrier breaks before the medicine get absorbed into your bloodstream. The team behind NiacinMax spent years developing an effective way to preserve the vital nutrients until they reach the target.

After some time, they successfully developed a patent technology that preserves the product until it reaches its target. Today, its known as Liposomal Encapsulation. This tech makes sure your product doesn’t get wasted in midway. The improved delivery package improves the overall efficiency of this health supplement.

How Does It work?

As you put a strip in your mouth, it turns into mucosal tissue. This product is carefully designed to bypass your digestive system without a hitch to be absorbed into the bloodstream and cells. These strips will never disturb your stomach. It won’t irritate the stomach living as NiacinMax’s formula never travels via the digestive system.

The strip uses a dissolving delivery system along with liposomal encapsulation tech. This tech protects niacin with double layers of tiny bubbles formed from liposomes. These layers dissolve when they reach the bloodstream, releasing niacin in your cells. This way, you can reap the full benefits of niacin.

There is no NiacinMax Scam; it is an effective and safe product. This product contains a lighter dose of niacin as compared to other supplements. Thanks to the Liposomal Encapsulation technology, the delivery is five times better.

NiacinMax ScamHow to Use NiacinMax?

Take a strip and put it beneath your tongue. Take one strip in the morning (with an empty stomach), and one at night. The strip will start to dissolve instantly and leave a mild citrus flavor. Every strip has over 75mg Niacin after you take a strip, workout for at least an hour. During this time, HGH (Human Growth Hormones are released.

When your stomach is empty, the bloodstream has low amounts of fatty acids; it increases HGH levels when you work out. High levels of HGH helps transform your body by building muscles quickly, burning fat and boosting energy.

Use NiacinMaxTake another strip at night, 3-4 hours before bed to help your body recover. It continues to produce HGH and helps with tissue repair. Sleep is a natural restorative process for the body. As you sleep, muscles grow and repairs themselves. It also restores your energy levels and refreshes your mind for the next day.

Is It Scam or Legit?

NiacinMax only has two ingredients, Niacin, and Vitamin B3. The human body needs both of these for its day to day tasks. It is made with pure pharmaceutical ingredients which are developed in CE-Approved labs. The supplement is tested to meet safety standards.

The product is tried and has proven effective. There are many NiacinMax Reviews from satisfied users that proclaims this supplement delivers on its promises. Yes, there are satisfied users on almost every social network page and internet forum who admit they used the product and are satisfied with its results.

Pros and Cons of NiacinMax


The NiacinMax Health Supplement offers several health benefits.  Following, we will discuss them in details:

Increases HGH Levels by five times 

This product is designed to increase the production of HGH in your body.  His helps to burn off fat quickly while improving your overall health. Increased levels of HGH also cuts the recovery time.

Increases the Production of Red Blood Cells 

Increased production of red blood cells increases the number of nutrients and oxygen delivered to muscles. This helps to fight off fatigue and raises your energy levels. This enables you to work out harder and sustain yourself for long, thus achieving your fitness goals.

Detoxifies the Body 

The ingredients used to form up NiacinMax boosts the oxygen flow to your brain. It helps with clean out metabolic waste including Carbon Dioxide and Lactic Acid. This improves your mental focus and concentration, helping you think better and react quickly.

Improves Endurance 

Niacin is mostly used to prevent cardiovascular issues. It can widen the blood vessels to improve your blood flow. Increased blood supply and oxygen to your body.


  • We have no issue with this product, except its a bit pricey. The company should do something about its high prices.
  • It is available on online only. You aren’t able to buy it on shop.

Where to Buy NiacinMax?

The Supplement is available on the official website. Yes, the manufacturer only wishes to sell their product their site. If nothing else, it cuts the Middleman’s costs and passes savings on the customers. The company also offers an auto-refill service if you want to subscribe. Plus, NiacinMax comes with a 67-day full refund guarantee. So, rest assured your investment is safe.

Final Verdict 

There are no NiacinMax side effects. There are numerous studies that student Niacin is effective to improve oxygen’s supply in blood and boost the production of HGH. It helps in improving your endurance, mental sharpness, Muscle development, calorie burning, and body recovery. Niacin is a form of Vitamin B3.

NiacinMax improves the natural properties (benefits) of Niacin and wraps it in an effective delivery system.  It maximizes the effectiveness of Niacin and helps you get in shape. So, if you are looking forward to shaping up by toning your muscle or losing weight, then you must try this supplement. We will conclude our NiacinMax review by saying it’s affordable, safe and effective.

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