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Vital Sleep Review

Do you get up tired from sleep just because of your constant snoring? Well, this can be very frustrating because you will not feel rejuvenated when you get up from sleep. You need to look for an immediate solution to your problem. You have to look into Vital Sleep. Before reviewing Vital Sleep, let us understand how disturbed sleep can dampen your quality of life. If you do not get sufficient sleep, then this can weaken your immune system. As a result, you become more vulnerable to diseases. If you sleep less, than it can have a negative impact on your heart health also. Secondly, your chances of getting a stroke also get increased when you sleep less. It may come as a surprise for you, but if you sleep less, then it increases cancer risk. Lack of sleep can lead to cognition problems. Your problem-solving and decision-making skills get adversely affected when you do not sleep. When you do not get sufficient sleep, then it affects your memory also. It becomes difficult for you to remember things. Disturbed sleep pattern can make you gain extra weight. Plus, it increases your chances of getting Diabetes. The worst part is that your skin may also lose its glow because of lack of sleep. It means that you need to bring the snoring to an end so that you can sleep well. So read Vital Sleep Review.

What is Vital Sleep?

 Vital Sleep is an anti-snoring mouthpiece. It offers different sizes for women and men. The best part is that you can customize Vital Sleep for advancing your lower jaw at the right degree. If you want to customize this mouthpiece as per your convenience, then you will have to put in some effort.

You will need water, a bowl, a timer, tongs, pot and the anti-snoring mouthpiece. It is essential to look at the mouthpiece for identifying the top. You have to check whether the top section is in a neutral position.

The good news is that the mouthpiece is available with a hex key. The hex key helps you in adjusting both the sides of the mouthpiece. As a result, the lower half will not be in a forward position.

Now, make sure that you heat adequate amount of water for covering your device once its placed in a bowl. Never put Vital Sleep in boiling water. Just heat the water. When the water gets heated, put it in an empty bowl.

Make use of tongs and put the anti-snoring mouthpiece in the water for about five seconds. Next, remove the mouthpiece from water. Check the position of the mouthpiece. After ten seconds you can put the mouthpiece in your mouth.

Try biting gently for about ten seconds. Start pressing the surface of the mouthpiece against the teeth. Now remove the mouthpiece from your mouth. You should place the mouthpiece in the cold water for about thirty seconds.

Vital Sleep anti-snoring mouthpiece will help set the mold. You can again put the mouthpiece in your mouth to check for comfort level. When you are adjusting the mouthpiece, make sure that you never bite hard.

What you will appreciate about this device is that it makes use of quality material. The outer part makes use of quality plastic. The inner section makes use of thermal plastic. The thermal plastic softens so that it can mold to your teeth with ease.

Who is the Manufacturer of Vital Sleep?

Vital Sleep got developed by Dr. Richard Koffler M.D. and David Hernandez through the company Snore Reliever. The company started to gain momentum in 2012. It became popular in just one year after it came into business.

David Hernandez has more than 20 years of experience in physical therapy and rehabilitation. The benefit of this practice is that he could build the device without a problem.

How Does Vital Sleep Work?

What Vital Sleep does is that it opens the airways so that you can breathe with ease. The device has custom molded teeth impression. As a result, the mouthpiece remains secure in your mouth. The device has patented adjustment mechanism for the adjustment of the lower jaw.

You can re-adjust and re-mold the device as needed.


  • VitalSleep holds the lower jaw forward to open the airway and improve breathing.
  • It eliminates uncomfortable and expensive snoring devices that don’t work.
  • Sleep in any position, breathing through your nose or mouth, with a personalized mouthpiece.
  • Vital Sleep is an FDA-approved device
  • It is a pocket-friendly device
  • You can get free replacements for about a year


The authentic product is only available from the official website

Where to Buy Vital Sleep?

Make sure that you buy Vital Sleep from the official website. When the product is authentic, you will not have to worry about Vital Sleep scam. The benefit of buying from the official website is that you can look forward to a 60-day money back guarantee.

Well, this means buying from the website will be a secure investment on your part. When you purchase from the site, then you have the option to get exclusive size for men or women. You will not have to waste your time waiting for the product.

The reason is that it gets delivered to your doorstep on the same day. You do not have to pay shipping charges also. If you still encounter any problems, then you can get in touch with the customer support service. They will answer your concern promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vital Sleep!

Q1. How to use the anti-snoring mouthpiece in the best way?

When you want your device to last long, then make sure that you take care of the hygiene. For example, you should wash the mouthpiece with baking soda and water. You can do this activity once a week.

You should make a paste of baking soda and water. You should apply the paste around the device. Let the mixture sit on the device for about three minutes. Next, you should clean the device with a brush so that you can access hard to reach areas.

Make sure that you wash the paste with cold water. Remember, you need to care for the device as you will care for your teeth. After using the mouthpiece, you need to place it in a case. The benefit of this practice is that mouthpiece will remain safe from germs.

There are some precautions you need to follow when cleaning Vital Sleep. You should never clean the device with towels. The reason is that some towels have chemicals that can ruin your teeth.

Never apply bleach on your mouthpiece. Such harmful chemicals get absorbed and it is difficult to remove them. The worst part is that the chemicals can damage your gums and teeth also. Remember to follow the safe approach for cleaning the device.

The reason is that Tartar or plaque may get collected on your device if you do not clean it. Now, you might be wondering how to figure out when your device needs cleaning.

If your device develops odor or becomes colorless, then it is one of the signs that it needs cleaning. If you notice residue or white spots on the device, then it also means that the device needs cleaning.

Q2. How to comfortably Use Vital Sleep?

Some people suffer from mouth dryness after using the device. The way out is that you can apply lip balm to counter the dryness. The balm will moisturize your lips. When you wear the mouthpiece, then try drinking more water.

You should make sure that you invest in a good mouthwash. It will help to fight bacteria. Secondly, the bacteria will not build up in your mouth throughout the night. If you feel that your jaws are a bit sore initially, then there is a way out to this problem also.

You should try face massage because it will help you get rid of the tension knots. Once you get used to the device, then you will not have to suffer from the soreness at all. Never wear the mouthpiece with braces because it will not fit comfortably.

Q3. How Much Does It Cost?

You can get Vital Sleep for $69.95

Q4. What is the Return Policy of Vital Sleep?

If the product is damaged, then you can get it replaced within a year.


 Do not let your sleep pattern get affected adversely. It is the smart move to invest in Vital Sleep anti-snoring mouthpiece. You will notice the difference in a few days and will wake up more energized. If you are unable to fit the device properly, then make sure that you contact the company.

They will replace the device right away. The best part is that your device will easily last for one year or two years. The longevity will depend upon how frequently you use the device. The hygiene will also prolong the life of the device.

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