IC-5 Review : Does It Help in Managing Carbohydrates?

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IC-5 Review

Have you started to feel that you consume a lot of carbohydrates? Do you feel that it has a become difficult to control your blood sugar levels because of your excessive carbohydrate intake? It means you need a natural solution to combat this problem. Going through IC-5 Review is the best solution that can come your way in this scenario.

What is IC-5?

IC-5 is a remarkable supplement that helps in managing your carbohydrates. What is worth mentioning about this supplement is that it prevents many complications that can be caused by excessive intake of carbohydrates. The supplement gradually works on your body. It helps you remain active and you will be able to witness the initial results by the end of the first month.

Who is the Manufacturer of IC-5?

Biotrust  formulated this supplement. The company has already won a lot of acknowledgement because they create supplements that have lasting benefits for the user. The company does not make compromises with ingredient quality and this is why the customers are keen to try out every supplement that they launch.

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What are the Ingredients of IC-5?

  • Berberine:

Well, one of the main IC-5 ingredients is Berberine. The best thing about Berberine is that helps in managing your blood pressure levels. As a result, your risk for developing the heart disease gets reduced significantly. Secondly, Berberine can also help to lower the bad cholesterol levels that may exist in your body. It also helps to raise the levels of the good cholesterol levels in your body.

  • Chromium:

Chromium helps in managing weight. The reason is that it helps to control the cravings for carbohydrates and sweets. At the same time, Chromium has antioxidant properties. It means that it can help in neutralizing the free radical damage. The ingredient is also quite useful for women suffering from Polycystic ovaries and it helps in regulating the menstrual cycle in women.

  • Cinnamon bark:

Well, Cinnamon in this supplement can be useful in lowering the blood pressure. You will be surprised to know Cinnamon can help in improving the cognitive function. It helps in improving the memory. At the same time the supplement tends to have neuroprotective properties. The ingredient also has diuretic effects for the body.

  • Benfotiamine:

Well, Benfotiamine can get termed as a form of Thiamine. What is worth mentioning about Benfotiamine is that it prevents Diabetes-related Retinopathy. As a result, you remain protected from issues like blindness. At the same time, the ingredient can be quite useful in treating several kinds of neurological disorders. The ingredient can help to treat Alzheimer’s disease also.

  • Naringin:

It can be termed as a flavonoid that may exist in Citrus fruits. The ingredient helps to alleviate the symptoms of several respiratory conditions. It treats symptoms of conditions like Obstructive Pulmonary disease and Asthma. The ingredient has anti-cancer affects also. It helps in inhibiting the growth of the cancer cells in the human body.

  • Rice flour:

Well, Rice flour can help to provide energy to your body. It can get termed as a good source of complex carbohydrates. It tends to release the energy slowly in your body. The best part is that Rice flour has several nutrients that can offer benefit to your body. It also helps in supporting your digestive mechanism. Rice flour can help in regulating the movement of your bowels also.

  • Silicon dioxide:

Silicon Dioxide in this supplement help to increase the shelf-life of the product. It does not allow the absorption of moisture into the supplement. As a result, there will be no clumping also. It means that the supplement will remain beneficial for your health for a long time. Secondly, Silicon Dioxide is good for your oral health because it prevents plaque formation and helps in removing stains from your teeth.

IC-5 Ingredients

How Does IC-5 Work?

Berberine plays a key role in managing the carbohydrates in your body. The way it functions is improving the insulin sensitivity. What Berberine does is that it tends to activate an enzyme by the name of AMP-activated protein Kinase. The enzyme helps in transporting the glucose into the cells. As a result, glucose gets used up as a source of energy for the body.

At the same Berberine also helps in reducing the production of glucose. It helps in inhibiting the absorption of glucose from the digestive tract. Once the carbohydrates in your body get managed, then it becomes easy to control the blood sugar levels. The reason is that there is a direct link between carbohydrate management and blood sugar levels.

Chromium in this supplement controls craving and it helps in improving the insulin resistance. Cinnamon in this supplement also stabilizes the blood sugar and controls cravings. Benfotiamine in this supplement helps to prevent complications related to Diabetes. The ingredients work in combination so that it becomes easy to get the best results.


  • IC-5 prevents bloating and gas
  • It supports healthy weight management
  • You will remain protected from bad breath due to the ingredients present in this supplement
  • It has ingredients which help in pain management
  • The supplement helps in reducing the inflammation in the body
  • It prevents damage to the skin caused by exposure to sun
  • The supplement has liver protective properties
  • It supports healthy blood sugar metabolism


  • The company does not offer live chat support
  • There should be more details about the product on the official website

Where to buy IC-5 supplement?

Trust the official website of IC-5 for buying the supplement. The reason is that you will get hold of the original supplement. The official website also offers e-books that are completely free. Plus, they have discount packages also which you can avail as per your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions about IC-5!

Q1. What is the price of the supplement?

  • One bottle costs about $69
  • Three bottles cost about $64
  • Six bottles cost about $59

Q2. Is money-back guarantee available with IC-5?

The company offers 60-day money-back guarantee. Make sure that you stick to the dose during this period. The benefit is that you will get the desired results without a problem.

Q3. Is the IC-5 scam?

No, IC-5 is not a scam because complete list of ingredients and money-back guarantee details is available on official website.

Q4. How do I need to use IC-5?

The serving size is about two capsules. However, you must talk to your doctor once you decide to use this supplement. He will first evaluate your health and then decide your dose.

Q5. When will I receive IC-5?

You will get the product in about two to three days-time. The reason is that it just takes the company about 24 hours to dispatch the product. They ensure that the package gets dispatched to you in an efficient packing to retain the quality of the ingredients.

Q6. Do I have to pay for shipping?

The shipping is absolutely free so you will not have to bear any additional cost when buying the supplement.


IC-5 supplement is easy to swallow and you will not be put off by an unpleasant taste. It is a combination of natural ingredients so unpleasant side effects will remain at bay. You should go through IC-5 online reviews to know more about this supplement. Order it now to see how it can make a difference to your life for the better.

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