Mojo H20 Review :  Regulating Your Hydration Levels Naturally.

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Mojo H2O Review

Do you feel dehydrated? Are you lethargic all the time and is it difficult for you to move about? Have you checked your water intake? The reason is that being dehydrated can the drain the life out of your body. Well, this is why Mojo H20 Review is worth reading. You must realize that apparently dehydration seems to be a harmless problem but it can have lasting effects. For example, you may suffer pain in your body because of dehydration. Let us find out how going for this supplement can be a life-changing experience.

What is Mojo H20?

Well, Mojo H20 are water enhancer drops. What is worth mentioning about these drops are that they are available in two exclusive flavors. The good news is that the drops do not have any calories and are sugar-free so you can try them out without hesitation. The drops regulate your electrolyte imbalance. Secondly, the drops are rich source of Vitamin B also.

Who is the Manufacturer of Mojo H20?

Biotrust sells these exclusive drops. The company has introduced many other popular supplements in the market and have a significant following. What the company does is that they try to improvise the quality of every supplement so that the customers can benefit from the supplement in the best way.

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Phone: (800) 766-5086

What are the Ingredients of Mojo H20?

  • Water:

One of the main Mojo H20 ingredient is water. Well, water plays a critical role in transporting the oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Secondly water also helps in getting rid of the toxins from the cells and removes all the waste. Secondly, water also helps in regulation of your body temperature and helps in the cooling mechanism of the body.

  • Citric acid:

One of the main benefits of citric acid is that it has antioxidant properties. What this acid does is that it can be quite useful in neutralizing the free radicals in your body. The benefit is that you will not have to fear about chronic diseases. Citric acid can also be useful in enhancing the flavor of the beverage.

  • Sodium chloride:

Well, Sodium Chloride plays a key role and it helps in the production of the acids in the human body. The benefit of the acid that it can help with the digestion of the food. Secondly, Sodium chloride also helps the muscles to contract and relax. As a result, it can offer immense value to Athletes who indulge in physical activity.

  • Stevia Leaf extract:

Stevia Leaf extract can also help in regulating your blood pressure. The extract will help you in controlling your appetite. It helps to satisfy the craving for sweets but at the same time you will not have to worry about any extra calories. What is worth mentioning is that Stevia Leaf extract has anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it has anti-bacterial properties and helps in improving the health of your skin.

  • Acacia Gum:

Well, Acacia Gum is quite useful in managing different types of Allergies. It helps to reduce several symptoms associated with Allergies. For example, Acacia Gum can help you in getting rid of itching. Plus, you will get rid of runny nose also with Acacia Gum. The gum can help in slowing the glucose absorption in the digestive tract. As a result, it becomes easy to control your blood sugar levels.

  • Potassium Citrate:

Potassium Citrate can be quite useful in preventing the formation of Kidney stones. Plus, it also helps to treat Kidney stones. It also helps in maintaining normal cardiovascular rhythm. Potassium can play a key role in preventing a stroke. Plus, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Low levels of Potassium can also cause muscle weakness so Potassium Citrate addresses this deficiency.

  • Vitamin B3:

Well, Vitamin B3 in the drops helps in the production of the red blood cells in your body. Vitamin B3 can also help in reducing the risk of certain types of Cancers which includes skin cancer. Vitamin B3 also helps in converting the food into energy. The Vitamin also has a positive effect on your mental health. It helps in reducing the symptoms of anxiety.

  • Potassium Sorbate:

Well, Potassium Sorbate helps in preserving the nutrients in the drink. Potassium Sorbate has minimum Sodium Content. The benefit is that it helps to protect the body from several diseases that may be caused by a high intake of Sodium. Plus, it can inhibit the growth of microorganisms in beverages to which the drops get added.

  • Vitamin B12:

Well, Vitamin B12 in this supplement help in improving your bone health. The body needs adequate levels of Vitamin B12 for regulating the enzymes of the liver. When the body has high levels of homocysteine, then it can lead to liver disease. Vitamin B12 helps in regulating the levels of homocysteine in the human body.

Mojo H2O Ingredients

How Does Mojo H20 Work?

Water in this supplement helps in the lubrication of the joints. The result is that the friction between the joints gets significantly reduced. As a result, you will get rid of sore joints and stiffness in the joints. Citric acid in these flavoring drops are more of a natural preservative. The benefit is that citric can be quite useful in extending the shelf life of the drops. Sodium chloride in these drops helps to regulate the function of the nerves and helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance.


  • Mojo H20 tends to support a healthy metabolism
  • You will be able to get rid of dry mouth issues with these drops
  • It supports for proper hydration & energy levels
  • When you will remain hydrated, you will get rid of constipation issues also
  • You will not feel light headedness caused by dehydration
  • It will also help you get rid of body aches caused by dehydration
  • You will not feel lethargic and can actively participate in your daily activities because of using these drops


  • The website has limited insight and needs to emphasize more on the benefits of Mojo H20
  • You cannot put up on the spot questions because live chat is not available

Where to buy Mojo H20 supplement?

Invest your trust in the official website of Mojo H20 because it is possible for you to get your hands on a reliable supplement. Secondly, you can avail exclusive bonuses and discounts from the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mojo H20!

Q1. At what price can I buy Mojo H20 drops?

  • One pack costs about $29
  • You can get hold of three packs of these drop for $26
  • Six packs of these drops cost about $23

Q2. Are refunds available with Mojo H20?

60-day money-back guarantee is available with these drops. However, make sure that you check the dosage and follow it without fail to get the results you want at the earliest.

Q3. Is Mojo H20 scam?

No, Mojo H20 is not scam because the company ensures that they offer refunds.

Q4. How to use Mojo H20?

You need to add half teaspoon of this supplement in about 2.5ml of water.

Q5. How much time need to shipping Mojo H20?

The company dispatches the product in two to three days.


When you order Mojo H20, then you will notice that it has a refreshing taste. It is a wonderful drink to consume after workout activity. You will find Mojo H20 online reviews also that emphasize the effectiveness of these drops so try them now.

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