Unify Health Labs Multi GI 5 Review – Is It Scam or Legit? Truth Revealed!

Medically Reviewd By  Masud Rana
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Multi GI 5 Review

Many people wish to revitalize their health, but they fail to realize that certain things need to be in place before they can achieve what they want. One of these basic things that have to be in place is your gut health. Your gut health has several roles to play when it comes to the general state of your health, it’s responsible for the absorption of the right kind of nutrients, and the removal of the excess substances that you don’t need. This is a basic function in the body, but many people are suffering from one ailment or the other is as a result of all forms of issues that have developed in the gut.

Having realized this, all that you ought to be after shouldn’t go beyond how to revitalize your gut and most especially improve your digestion. There are several supplements out there that claim to have the best formula to solve this issue. But the fact is that non of these supplements out there are confident enough to share their formula. Hence, we don’t consider them as good treatments for revitalizing gut health.

Have you been looking for a supplement with all that your body needs to revitalize its gut health? Right here, we will be sharing a supplement with a formula that can’t be compared to none. This supplement is no other than Multi GI 5. This supplement comprises 12 powerful gut-health boosters that can improve healthy digestion, increase your energy levels, balance your gut flora, and improve weight management ability. If you want to know more about this supplement, we will be taking through a detailed Multi GI 5 Review. With this, you will get to learn all you need to know about this supplement.

What is Unify Health Labs Multi GI 5?

Multi GI 5 is a revolutionary formula that offers a comprehensive way to improve your gut health without leaving anything unattended. This formula comprises a blend of prebiotics and probiotics. With this in place, your body will have the opportunity to soothe your digestive tract and support the healthy functions of your gut. Issues like “leaky gut” are also addressed when you take this Multi GI 5 supplement

Unify health labs Multi GI 5 is known to also have super active probiotic strains that offer the best way to manage your weight, optimize your digestion, and create a gas and bloating balance in your gut. With what this supplement has to offer, there is no better way to improve your gut health than with this supplement.

Who is the Manufacturer of Multi GI 5?

The manufacturer of this supplement is no other than Unify Health Labs. They are known to always put in their best to formulate supplements that solve health problems without leaving a single thing out. Multi GI 5 is a clear indication that this company put in its best to solve people’s problems.

What are the ingredients and formula included in Multi GI 5?

Unlike other companies out there, the manufacturer of this supplement shares the Multi GI 5 ingredients with their potential users. This clearly shows that there are no hidden ingredients attached to this supplement. The following are the ingredients used to formulate this supplement;

  • Fermented L-Glutamine, 200 mg :

 This is a probiotic ingredient that contains powerful amino acids that supports the gastrointestinal walls of your gut. The presence of this in this supplement helps to enhance the physical state of this protective barrier and aid permeability.

  • Magnesium BHB (KetoVantage), 70 mg :

 This is an effective exogenous ketone salt that provides the energy needed by the body to fuel your muscles and brain cells. With this in your body system, you will have the opportunity to improve your physical state and mental ability.

  • Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root Extract, 50 mg :

 This is an extract from Licorice root that soothe your gastrointestinal system and help ease whatever discomfort that you are having.

  • BioPerine Piper Nigrum Extract, 10 mg :

 What this ingredient does right here is quite simple. It supplies all your body needs to aid gastrointestinal absorption and improve the ability of your gut to systematically utilize nutrients.

  • Berberine Hydrochloride, 3 mg :

This is an alkaloid extract that is gotten from different plants. The presence of this in your system supports your gastrointestinal health on different levels.

  • Zinc (from Zinc Carnosine Complex), 1 mg :

 Though it’s of low quality in this supplement, this ingredient has a special way of helping the gastric mucosal lining of your gut. With this, you will have the ability to support the healthy secretion of mucus which eventually leads to a stable gastric bacterial environment.

  • Lactobacillus gasseri (100 billion cfu/g), 9 mg :

 This is a strain of bacteria that efficiently helps with weight management. This bacteria right here shows several levels of GI functions that offer several benefits. With this, you will be able to support your immune system and enhance your oral health.

  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus (350 billion cfu/g), 7.13 mg :

 This right here is another beneficial bacteria that support your immune system and increase your body’s natural allergy resistance.

Other probiotic blends play crucial roles in this supplement.  This includes Lactobacillus casei (300 billion cfu/g), 7.13 mg and Lactobacillus plantarum (400 billion cfu/g), 3 mg.

Multi GI 5 ingredients

How Does Multi GI 5 Work?

When you take Multi GI 5 pills, your body will have access to super fuel that will help you manage your weight, and reduce food cravings. When you have this in your body system, the ingredients will collectively soothe and support the lining of your digestive tract. It also put the ingredients into good use to naturally solve issues relating to “Leaky Gut”.

The blends work in a way that helps to solve issues like digestive discomfort, weight gain, bloating, and all other issues related to your gut.

Multi GI 5 side effects are never an issue here. This is because the manufacturer of this supplement put in their best to make sure that nothing is left out that can cause any negative effect.


  • It improves digestive health and comfort
  • This supplement contains both prebiotics and probiotics that efficiently help improve the state of health of your gut.
  • Total Gut Health Formula.
  • All the ingredients used here are known to be evidence-based and each can support your gut health
  • It Boosts feelings of energy and focus
  • This supplement works efficiently to solve your problem
  • It reduces gas, bloating, and irregularity
  • It Combat out-of-control food cravings


  • It usually takes 15 – 20 working days to receive this supplement when you order.

Where to Buy Multi GI 5?

If you want to buy this supplement you will have to visit their official sales page. There you will find special packages that suit your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions about Multi GI 5!

Q1. How to use Multi GI 5?

To use this supplement, all you have to do is mix a scoop of the delicious strawberry-lemonade flavor in water or a drink.

Q2. Is the Multi GI 5 scam or legit?

Multi GI 5 scam is never a problem here. There are guarantees in place that protect your interest.

Q3. How much does it cost?

For one bottle $69.95 of this supplement. If you are getting three bottles, it costs $188.85 and you will be able to save $21.00. For six bottles, it goes for $353.70.

Q4. What is the refund policy of Multi GI 5?

There are 90 days money-back guarantees in place for all packages.


There is no better way to solve this problem than with what this supplement has to offer your gut. Take advantage of this supplement right now and change the state of your health forever.

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