Nubeam Review – Is It an Effective Teeth Whitening Solution?

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Nubeam Review

Do your teeth miss out on the shine? Are you losing your confidence because your teeth miss out on the sparkle? Now, the truth is that it is not practical to go for whitening treatments every now and then. You need a solution that is affordable and help your teeth look white and healthy. You should consider having a look at Nubeam Review.

What is Nubeam?

Well, Nubeam is the ultimate whitening solution for your teeth. The best part is that all you need to do is use the whitening solution for about 14 days. You will be able to get 12 shades lighter. The best part is that Nubeam is available in the form of whitening strips. It has an exclusive mint flavor that will refresh your mouth in simply no time.

Who is the manufacturer of Nubeam?

The company name is WOLFSON BRANDS and they have come up with an innovative product for teeth whitening that aims to bring about a revolution in the oral industry. What is worth mentioning is that the company used the best ingredients to come up with a product that offers value. They seem to have a bright future in the dental industry.


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What are the ingredients of Nubeam?

  • Polyvinylpyrrolidone K30 (PVP K30):

The strip is formulated using ingredients that help to whiten your teeth. What this ingredient does is that it stabilizes the formulation. It prevents the separation of the other ingredients from the strips. At the same time, this Polyvinylpyrrolidone K30 (PVP K30) has adhesive properties. It ensures that appropriate amount of whitening solution gets delivered to the teeth. As a result, all the teeth can have a balanced shine and sparkle.

  • Glycerin:

One of the main Nubeam ingredients is Glycerin. What Glycerin does is that it helps to provide adequate moisture and lubrication to teeth.  Glycerin helps in delivering the active ingredients to the teeth. It helps in reducing the sensitivity of the teeth. At the same time, Glycerin helps in getting rid of the cavities. Plus, it also improves the health of the gums.

  • Hydroxyethyl Cellulose:

 Hydroxyethyl Cellulose helps in creating a film substrate that may help in the mineralization of the teeth. It offers more of a natural thickening that can help to give a wonderful white coating to your teeth. The coating not only beautifies your teeth but helps in strengthening the teeth also.

  • Ethanol:

Ethanol has also been used in the strips to provide pain relief also. At the same time, Ethanol helps to give adequate relief from gum pain. The best part is that Ethanol can be useful in disinfecting the oral mucosa. What is worth mentioning is that Ethanol helps to reduce the risk of teeth infections also. It acts as the perfect anti-microbial agent.

  • Menthol:

The main benefit of Menthol is that it freshens up your breath. You will enjoy the cooling sensation of Menthol in your mouth. What is worth mentioning is that Menthol has soothing properties too. The good news is that the freshness acquired by Menthol is lasting. Secondly, it enhances the mint flavor of the strips. Secondly, it also helps in increasing the production of the Saliva.

  • Aqua:

The strips have Aqua in them also. The best part is that Water helps to keep your mouth hydrated.  Aqua in these strips help in maintaining a clean mouth. When you apply the strips, then the moisture can help get rid of the stubborn food particles also that may be causing bad breath. Secondly, Aqua helps in neutralizing the acids in your mouth also.

How Does Nubeam Work?

Polyvinylpyrrolidone K30 in the strips ensure the fact that the strips have this general moisture and do not dry out before application the teeth. Polyvinylpyrrolidone K30 (PVP K30) also contributes to the appearance of the strips. It helps to give an appealing look to the strips. Glycerin used in the strips is a perfect preservative. It helps in extending the shelf-life of the strips.

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose in the strips also helps in binding the whitening solution to the strips. Hydrogen Peroxide used in the strips also helps in teeth whitening. What is worth mentioning is that Hydrogen Peroxide can help in removing the stubborn stains from the teeth. Additionally, the Nubeam light helps to enhance the results that have been achieved through the whitening strips.

The benefit is that you will not have to for extensive scaling procedures frequently because it tends to increase the sensitivity of the teeth.


  • One of the main benefits of Nubeam strips is that they have ingredients that disperse the flavor
  • It has ingredients which strengthen the tooth enamel
  • The teeth strip helps to reduce the bacteria in your mouth
  • The best part is that the strips helps you in getting rid of teeth discomfort also
  • You will get rid of the dry mouth sensation once you start using these strips
  • When you teeth will have menthol aroma, then you will feel confident while communicating with people


  • Physical stores do not have this supplement
  • The website should have video tutorials that offer insight into using the product

Nubeam Reviews : What Do Real Users Say?

Nubeam Reviews


Where to buy Nubeam strips?

Visit the official website to get hold of the strips. The benefit is that the website offers loads of discounts to the users. The website has a convenient method to facilitate the payments. The best part is that the company has a quick process to dispatch the product.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nubeam!

Q1. How do I need to use Nubeam?

The first step is that you should peel the strips from the back. What you need to do is apply the strip on your teeth for at least 60 minutes. After 60 minutes, you need to use the Nubeam light for at least five minutes. What you need to do is put the mouthpiece in your mouth and you must turn on the light. However, you can also use the strips without the light.

Q2. What is the price of Nubeam strips?

One kit will cost about $79.

Q3. Is money-back guarantee available?

You get 60-day money-back guarantee with Nubeam. Try the strips for 60-days and if you fail to get the results, then you can request for a refund. What is essential is that you need to follow the instructions as mentioned to get the results you want.

Q4. Is the Nubeam scam?

Nubeam is not a scam because the company offers an exclusive money-back guarantee. The company offers the guarantee because they know that their product works.

Q5. Are the results lasting?

If you are regular in using the product and have good dental hygiene, then you will get lasting results with this product.


When you use the teeth whitening strips, then you will be able to witness evident results just after one use. The website mentions that their product went through independent trials. Well, this should give you one more reason to opt for this product. You will be happy to know that the product does not have any harmful ingredients that may have an adverse effect on your health. Go through Nubeam online reviews so that you can get more insight into this product. Order Nubeam and experience the benefits.

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