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Progenifix Review

Do you get scared whenever you check the weighing scale? Have you started to feel that it has become impossible for you to lose weight with exercise and diet alone? Now, most people do tend to encounter this situation at some phase in their life. The truth is that it can be a nightmare to get rid of the stuck weight. The good news is that you do have a way out of the problem. The simple approach to follow is go through Progenifix Review.

What is Progenifix?

Progenifix is a natural solution to weight loss. It has a premium blend of mushroom extracts that help you lose weight the natural way. The journey is going to be gradual but the results are lasting with this supplement. Most weight loss supplements have a lot of side effects. However, this is one thing you do not need to worry about with this supplement. Apart from weight loss, you will get many additional benefits with this supplement and that is a positive state of mind.

Who is the Manufacturer of Progenifix?

The company name is Sigma Times. Their weight loss product has gained a lot of hype due to the presence of natural ingredients. The company ensures that they formulate their products in a way that users can attain the maximum benefit. Plus, the company invests a lot of effort in research also. As a result, the customers are developing trust in this product.

What are the Ingredients of Progenifix?

  • Cordyceps:

Cordyceps have a crucial role to pay when it comes to improving your respiratory health. The best thing about Cordyceps is that they tend to have bronchodilator properties which can help in oxygen utilization and in improving the air flow. Plus, Cordyceps which is a form of fungi has immunomodulatory effects also. As a result, it can enhance the activity of the immune cells.

  • Chaga:

Chaga is a kind of mushroom. What is worth mentioning about Chaga is that it tends to have anti-cancer properties. It helps to introduce the process of Apoptosis which can be termed as programmed death for cancer cells. Another worth mentioning benefit of Chaga is that it tends to have anti-ageing properties so your skin remains protected from wrinkles.

  • Lion’s mane:

Lion’s Mane is also a type of Mushroom. The positive aspect is that the mushroom is good for your cardiovascular health. The reason is that it reduces the bad cholesterol levels in your body and increases the good cholesterol levels. Plus, Lion’s Mane tends to have anti-inflammatory properties so that your body remains protected from chronic diseases.


  • White Button Mushroom:

White Button Mushrooms can help in kickstarting the process of Vitamin D production in the human body which is an essential need for the bones. Secondly, the white button mushrooms tend to have beta-glucans which is a pre-biotic. What the pre-biotics do is that they tend to nurture the gut bacteria.

Progenifix Ingredients

How Does Progenifix Work?

Cordyceps tend to have adaptogenic properties. The benefit is that your body can adapt to the stress without a problem. The best thing about Cordyceps is that it also helps to improve your energy levels. The reason is that the fungi improves the production of energy at the cellular level.

Now, there are times when we simply gain weight because of eating excessively. Most people eat a lot when they are stressed out. Well, Chaga also helps to reduce your stress levels so that your calorie intake can be reduced.

Lion’s Mane in this supplement tends to regulate the metabolic function which inhibits the process of gaining weight. White Button mushrooms in this supplement are a rich source of fiber. As a result, you get a feeling of fullness from this supplement and do not end up eating a lot.

All the ingredients present in this supplement complement each other and work in combination to give you the result you want. The best part is that you will not be deprived of energy during your weight loss journey because the ingredients will provide you the nutrients you want. If you are regular in using the supplement, then the initial results will show up in just about a month’s time.


  • Progenifix promotes antioxidant activity
  • Progenifix improves metabolism & maintain healthy weight loss
  • It has ingredients that tend to have vasodilatory effects and can help in widening the blood vessels
  • The supplement has ingredients that tend to offer protective effects to the Kidneys
  • It has anti-viral and anti-microbial properties so you remain protected from different kinds of infections
  • The supplement supports the process of nerve regeneration
  • It has nutrient-rich ingredients that help to transform your health
  • It increases menatl focus & energy


  • Only the online stores sell this supplement
  • The website does not have sufficient information

Where to buy Progenifix supplement?

When you want to get hold of a supplement that is original, then you can grab it from the official website only. The best thing about ordering from the official website is that there are packages available. You can choose the package that suits your pocket. Plus, ordering from the official website cannot be termed as a hassle also. Once you place your order, the product gets dispatched in just about 24 hours and you get the product in two to three days.

Frequently Asked Questions about Progenifix!

Q1. What is the price of Progenifix?

When you buy a single bottle, then you will need to pay about $69. If it suits you, then you can even avail the three-month package.

Q2. What is the dose of Progenifix?

The dosage is two capsules. However, if you have any health issues, then doctor consultation is must before you decide to take this supplement. The doctor will advise you in the light of your health condition.

Q3. Are refunds available with Progenifix?

The company does offer money-back guarantee of about 60-days. Now, 60-days is ample time to try out the product and see if it fits your needs. If you notice that you are not getting the results, you want, then you can always request a refund. Your money will be returned and no questions asked.

Q4. Is the Progenifix scam?

Scammers never offer a guarantee. However, you have an extensive guarantee period of two months to try this Progenifix so it is surely not a scam.

Q5. How long will the results last?

Now, the result lasting period will depend upon a variety of factors. The main factor is your lifestyle. If you have a healthy diet and exercise regime, then your results are bound to last long. Plus, the sleep pattern also plays a role. When you sleep on time, then you can avoid those late-night cravings.


When you order Progenifix supplement, then you will notice that it also helps in controlling your blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar levels are stable, then it becomes easy to control the appetite and you will not end up overeating. You will notice that you will have improved memory after taking this supplement. If you still have any doubts, make sure that you have a look at Progenifix online reviews so that you can go for this supplement with confidence.


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