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Promolex Review

Are you looking for the best supplement to build your muscles? If your answer is yes, then you must read Promolex Review by all means. Many people have this misconception about bodybuilding. They feel that they will go to the gym and exercising will help them build their muscles. However, this endeavour may not be easy.

The reason is that if your body is not getting the essential nutrients, then you will not be able to develop your muscles. The good news is that supplements provide the nutrients that you require in your body. As a result, the muscle building process accelerates.

Now, the problematic part is that there are many supplements available in the market. It can become difficult for you to make your choice.

Let us look into what MaxGains Promolex has to offer to you. Once you have a clear idea about its pros and cons, making a choice will not be difficult.

What is Promolex?

It is dietary supplement that helps to build muscle mass. The Promolex formula contains of 3 branched-chain amino acids, which are L-Leucine, L-IsoLeucine, and L-Valine. These branch chain amino acids are involved in protein synthesis and skeletal muscle builds. Promolex is mainly valuable for anyone looking for supplements to support their cutting or shredding phase.

Who is the Manufacturer of Promolex?

MaxGains is the manufacturer of Promolex. The reason you can trust this manufacturer with ease is that they have years of experience when it comes to manufacturing quality supplements. Plus, they indulge in extensive research to come up with the supplements.

The best part is that MaxGains has the proper facility to manufacture the supplements. The company makes use of quality ingredients. As a result, you will benefit through the use of this supplement.

What are the Ingredients of Promolex?


One of the key ingredients of this supplement is L-Glutamine. It has the ability to regenerate and repair the muscles. When you work out, then your muscles get strained. L-Glutamine helps you recover from the strain.

The best part is that L-Glutamine encourages the growth hormone level. The growth hormone is essential to increase the size and volume of the muscles. The growth hormone also helps the muscles to retain the water. As a result, the muscles experience an increase in the volume.

L-Glutamine helps to enhance the brain function also. It controls the nitrogen levels in the brain. When we exercise, then it can lead to the reduction of the L-Glutamine levels. The disadvantage is that your body becomes vulnerable to diseases when the L-Glutamine Levels decrease in the blood.

When you have Promolex, then it will help to increase the L-Glutamine levels and this helps to increase the immunity in your body. L-Glutamine also helps in recovering from muscle aches and pains.


Another main ingredient of this supplement is L-Leucine. The benefit of L-Leucine is that it promotes the growth of muscles. You can also improve your sports performance due to the presence of L-Leucine.

L-Leucine helps to reduce fat accumulation in the body. The best part is that L-Leucine promotes muscle regeneration also. What you will appreciate about L-Leucine is that it helps to stabilize the blood sugar.


One of the main ingredients of this supplement is L-Valine. It prevents the breakdown of the muscle tissue. L-Valine improves cognitive function and the function of the brain. It helps in managing the stress also.


Well, L-IsoLeucine is also one of the key amino acids that cannot get manufactured in the body. It lowers the glucose levels present in your body. Plus, it also helps to decrease the soreness of the muscles. Due to the presence of L-IsoLeucine, the muscle damage will reduce also.

How Does Promolex Work?

The supplements provide the necessary foundation for creating the amino acids. These amino acids help to build the muscles quickly. The nutrients present in the supplement increase the efficiency of the digestive system.

The digestive process protein gets broken by the dietary enzymes. Once the digestive process protein gets broken down, then these proteins can get converted into amino acids. As a result, the muscle tissue can get repaired fast.

Once you start taking this supplement, you will experience an overall improvement in your health.


  • It helps to support lean muscle building
  • Branched-Chain Amino Acids
  • It is an affordable supplement
  • You will not have to worry about any side effects
  • You will get consistent results


The only downside is that Promolex is only available online. The manufacturer should focus on the accessibility of the supplement. It should be available in physical stores also.

How to maximize the results with Promolex?

There are essential mistakes that you must avoid to maximize the results of Promolex. If you do not have a proper diet, then your muscles will not grow. You need fats, carbohydrates and proteins for the muscle growth. These nutrients are mandatory for muscle repair also.

The essential aspect is that you need to plan your meals so that you can develop your muscles without a problem. For example, you need to include eggs, poultry, fish, seeds and beef in your diet.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is that your muscles will not grow till you take adequate sleep. The hormone that contributes in muscle growth is HGH. What you must remember is that HGH levels are at their peak when we sleep.

The Cortisol is a catabolic hormone and it tends to break down the muscle tissue. You will not prefer high levels of Cortisol if you want to build your muscle mass. Secondly, you should cut down on your stress levels also because it results in high-level of Cortisol.

If you are consuming this supplement, then you must create the optimal environment for the right factors to work. As a result, your body muscles can grow without a problem. If you are not consistent in your training and nutrition, then you will not get the best results.

There are times when you overdo things. For example, some people indulge in Cardio, but they eat too little. As a result, it becomes impossible to develop the muscles. When you want to build muscles, then the appropriate type of workout is crucial.

For example, some people lift weights. What you need to do is add the resistance. The benefit of the practice is that your body can adopt to the heavy weights without a problem. You need to come up with a workout that tends to challenge your body.

Where to buy Promolex?

The best approach is to buy the supplement from the official website. The benefit of this practice is that you can avoid Promolex scam. You can get the genuine product from the website. The positive part is that when you make your purchase from the official website that you can look forward to a lot of perks.

You can get discount offers too when you make the purchase from the official website. If you have any confusion regarding the use of this supplement, then you can contact the support team. They will ensure that they answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Promolex!

Q1. What is the recommended dosage of this supplement?

The dosage instruction details are present on the bottle. You should consume the tablets with a glass of water. Make sure that you do not exceed the recommended dosage. The best approach is that you should discuss with your physician when you decide to start consuming this supplement.

Q2. How long do I need to consume this supplement?

You need to consume this supplement for about 1 to 2 months. You can also take 1 to 2 weeks off in between depending upon your recovery time.

Q3. How much does it Cost?

One month supply cost of Promolex is $58.95.

Q4. What is the Refund Policy of Promolex?

Promolex comes with 30 days 100% Refund Guarantee.


There are many essential tips that you need to follow when consuming MaxGains Promolex. The first thing is that you should drink plenty of water.  The reason is that water intake is essential to build the muscle mass. Ideally, you should drink about 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day.

When you want this supplement to work, then you need to be consistent with your workout routine also. If you stop doing the workout, then the muscle building process will come to a halt.

Now, there are times when people get over enthusiastic when it comes to muscle building. They start to consume many supplements together. You should make it a point to avoid this mistake by all means.

You should focus on one supplement that is Promolex to get the best results. You should increase your fruit and vegetable intake also to get the best results. The good news is that Promolex is a safe supplement so you do not need to be apprehensive.

Make sure that you order this supplement right away. The benefit of this practice is that you will not have to regret your choice. Go for the supplement right away.

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