Purity Woods Dry Skin Rejuvenator Review – A Real Bargain for Skin Care.

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Dry Skin Rejuvenator Review

Do you ever consider how to restore your skin’s natural brightness and softness? Daily living conditions, pollution, and anxiety make our skin look dull and dehydrated. That’s why you deserve to have the best possible skin products that will restore your skin’s lost appearance and feel. 

Dry Skin Rejuvenator is a cream that has it all. Let’s see some more features about it and be ready to order it online. It is one of the products that has taken the cosmetics market by storm. However, as a reasonable consumer, you should have more information about it before you finally decide to buy it.

What is Dry Skin Rejuvenator?

The product is a cream with a white appearance and a great light citrus fragrance. It comes in 4 fl. oz (118 ml) containers that are made of recyclable plastic materials to be more conscious about the environment. Consumers can use this product to rehydrate and rejuvenate their hands’ skin areas. However, there is always the chance for them to use it anywhere else and rehydrate their skin, no matter the area of their body. You can easily apply the cream once or twice a day to all the skin areas that have no rushes. 

Who Is the Dry Skin Rejuvenator Manufacturer?

Purity Woods is the sole manufacturer of Dry Skin Rejuvenator and has presented this cream after a great series of products for human use. The company specializes in creams and ointments that come directly from natural substances. The cream has no paraben or any other chemicals that may react with human DNA and cause health issues.

People working at Purity Woods keep their promises and create a great environment to produce dermatologically tested products for human use. Their expiry date is close to the production one, so you know that all their products are fresh and easy to use no matter your skin type.

What Are the Ingredients of Dry Skin Rejuvenator?

Here is a comprehensive and inclusive list of all the ingredients within the dry skin rejuvenator cream produced by Purity Woods:

  • Organic Rosehip Oil:

With this organic rosehip oil you have the best possible scent for your cream. It is one of the oils found naturally and extracted from the rosehip plant. It offers you many vitamins and minerals that your skin cells need to reproduce. This oil also helps to stabilize your pH inside the cells and ensures that they can absorb and retain a lot more water than ever before.

  • Shea Butter:

It is a natural type of butter that we extract from nuts of the shea tree. This kind of butter is easy to absorb and gives your skin a soothing style like you have never seen before. It is one of the main ingredients for this cream and can heal wounds a lot faster than others.

  • Coconut Oil:

Coconut Oil smells perfect and is one of the main ingredients in the Dry Skin Rejuvenator cream. When the coconut oil reaches your skin cells it makes them absorb more water and helps them divide to produce new cell types. It’s one of the essential oils for your skin health.

  • Cocoa Oil:

Cocoa oil belongs in the same class as the coconut oil and comes directly from the cocoa beans. It gives you a perfect balance between oily and dry skin to ensure you have the perfect appearance all the time.

  • Beeswax:

Beeswax is one of the most expensive and rare ingredients on the planet. It is made from bees and has superb smoothing and healing qualities for the aging skin. Just a little quantity added in the Dry Skin Rejuvenator can do miracles!

  • Sweet Orange Oil:

Here is another type of essential oil that comes directly from sweet oranges. It offers a freshness to your skin without irritating it.

  • White Grapefruit Oil:

Like with any other essential oils, the white grapefruit oil smells better and gives many vitamins and minerals to the deeper layers of your skin.Purity Woods only uses grapefruits that have no additional drugs and fertilizers to ensure your natural health

  • Sunflower Oil:

It is the type of oil extracted from sunflowers. It offers your skin an excessive quantity of vitamin E that is the type of vitamin you need to keep it fresh and bright all the time. Even when sunflower oil prices went up, Purity Woods decided to keep the cream prices steady to allow people to enjoy the best benefits of that cream.

Dry Skin Rejuvenator Ingredients

How Does Dry Skin Rejuvenator Work?

Dry Skin Rejuvenator is one of the few products online to rehydrate your skin in a matter of minutes. It comes with shea butter and other water-soluble ingredients to promote the rehydration of your inner dermal cells. In other words, as soon as you apply the cream to your skin, your superficial skin cells absorb it through a natural procedure. That process involves the so-called ceramides, which are some key macro-molecules in skin care biology. When the cream has a direct absorbance, it reaches the inner dermal cells. That is where it offers the water molecules directly to them to ensure that moisture comes to the deepest parts of your skin. That gradually helps your skin to discard the dead cells and replace them with new ones. It is the only rejuvenating cream that naturally stimulates your skin and rehydrates it from the inside out.

Pros & Cons of Dry Skin Rejuvenator by Purity Woods:

Like with all the other products, Dry Skin Rejuvenator has some benefits and drawbacks. Let’s mention the most important of them so that consumers can make their assumptions about the product and its relative value against all others in the market.


  • It is one of the few creams for human skin use that have USDA approval for natural ingredients. You will be the one to benefit from the use of such creams on your bare skin. All ingredients are organic-based and give you the best possible protection against infections and inflammation.
  • Higher cream quantity per container. You have the chance to have four fl. oz of cream, which is higher than the average on the market.
  • There is a great flavor when you open the cream container. The citrus and rosehip natural oil can make you feel better even before the cream reaches the deepest layers of your skin.
  • Vitamins E and A. The cream is full of these necessary vitamins to ensure the health of your skin. Should you need to have good health, it’s always plausible to apply this cream that has many vitamins inside, nourishing your body and bringing back your lost chemical balance.
  • Extreme protection with linoleic acid. This is one of the most important fatty acids for your skin. You can only take it from certain foods, but it’s a lot better to have it readily available for your skin cells. The cream is the only one with linoleic acid in its substance to protect and help the skin cells regenerate easily.
  • Beta carotenoids. These ingredients are inside the cream and give you the best possible protection against UVB and UVA radiation. That means you can easily have a sun tanning session and expect your skin to have full protection at all times.
  • Buyer’s Warranty. The Dry Skin Rejuvenator offers total buyer protection. Purity Woods company will compensate every consumer that is not 100% satisfied with the product. You can get your money back even if you return an empty container. That’s something that is one of the biggest pros and an incentive to buy this product.


  • There is a fee for international shipping. However, most customers reside within the United States, so it’s easy to have zero shipping costs.
  • No bigger volumes are available for mass orders. The cream containers are only four fl. oz, and that quantity may be restrictive for professional use in tanning salons and spas.

Where Can You Buy Dry Skin Rejuvenator?

There is no easier way to buy Dry Skin Rejuvenator than the original e-shop of the company. You can log in to official site of purity woods and select the number of cases you need to order. Then you can have a bulk order gaining more on the final price. That will give you the chance to go to the checkout page quickly. It’s one of the few companies that will send you the creams directly to your home, charging you zero shipping costs.

Dry Skin Rejuvenator Reviews : What Do Real Users Say About Dry Skin Rejuvenator?

There are plenty of testimonies about Dry Skin Rejuvenator. Let’s mention some of the most interesting and influencing here:

Billie: “It is one of the softest and most rejuvenating creams I have ever applied on my skin.”

Suzanne: “I was secure about my choice when I learned that Purity Woods would accept a 60-day money-back warranty. I never needed to send the cream back; it has done what is promised, rejuvenating and rehydrating my facial skin!”

Leslie: “Purity Woods always offers the best organic products. The cream smells great, and you have the chance to feel the water getting into your cells. My skin looked a lot better even after the first two days of the initial application. I am going back for a bulk order for sure!”

Frequently Asked Questions about Dry Skin Rejuvenator!

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about Dry Skin Rejuvenator:

Q1. How to Use Dry Skin Rejuvenator?

You can use the product simply by getting it on your fingers and applying it directly to your bare skin. It’s better to have your fingers washed and dried before. You can apply it on cleaned skin, and then you need to expect it to work for a couple of minutes. Once it gets absorbed from your skin, there is no need to do anything else. Avoid the sun for the first hour after the Dry Skin Rejuvenator use.

Q2. Is the Dry Skin Rejuvenator Scam or Legit? 

Dry Skin Rejuvenator is a 100% legit product. It has USDA and FDA approval for organic materials. You may also use the 60-day money-back warranty period to ensure the legitimacy of the Purity Woods company.

Q3. How Much Does Dry Skin Rejuvenator Cost?

The product costs $49 per container. However, the price goes lower to the range of $44 per container when you order three pieces at once. If you like to have a better discount, you can order six containers at the price of $39 per container. As you can imagine, the more you buy, the lower the price, so it’s better to be proactive.

Q4. What is the Refund policy of Dry Skin Rejuvenator? 

As mentioned above, Purity Woods will issue a refund to any unsatisfied customer. It would be best if you covered the return shipping costs, but the company will issue a refund even for customers who return empty containers.

Q5. How Soon Will Results Appear? 

Results with Dry Skin Rejuvenator appear even from the first day of use. You can see your skin be brighter and have a better volume than ever before. However, the antiaging action of Dry Skin Rejuvenator could be presentable after the first month of treatment and use.

Q6. Are There Any Side Effects of Dry Skin Rejuvenator?

There are no known side effects correlated with the use of Dry Skin Rejuvenator cream. However, if you see any rushes or you have any known intolerance in one or more of the cream’s ingredients, you should immediately stop using the cream. However, it is highly unlikely you will have any allergies to any of the ingredients as they are all-natural.


Having the best treatment for your skin requires the most technologically advanced creams. Dry Skin Rejuvenator, produced and marketed by Purity Woods, remains one of the most influential treatments for your facial and hands skin, no matter the seasonality.







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