Rangii Review: Miraculous Healing Power for Skin.

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Rangii Review

Do you feel that your skin has lost the wonderful glow? Is your complexion becoming dull with the passage of time? Well, the truth is that the skin tends to lose its charm when it does not get the essential nutrients. Skincare has to be a consistent process so that you can easily achieve the results you want. Now, there is a plethora of skincare products in the market that make big claims. However, there are only a few that live up to the expectations. Well, this is why you must have a look at Rangii Review to find out how it can be a game changer.

What is Rangii?

Well, Rangii serum helps to treat dry and damaged skin. At the same time, it helps you achieve healthy nails. Once you start using this serum, you will not need to go to the salons for expensive treatment. The reason is that the serum will help to maintain the health of your skin and nails. The best part is that only a small quantity of this serum does wonders. It has no chemicals so you should not get worried about the side effects.

Who is the Manufacturer of Rangii?

The company name is Xevich. The main objective of the company is to offer effective skin and nail care solutions to the users at an affordable price. All their formulations get manufactured after immense research to ensure that the product provides the benefits it promises. They focus on details like efficient packing so that the users can benefit in the best way.

What are the Ingredients of Rangii?

  • Hyaluronic acid:

One of the main Rangii ingredients is Hyaluronic acid. The best thing about Hyaluronic acid is that it helps to moisturize the cuticles. The skin around the nails tends to be quite dry. What this wonder ingredient does is that it helps to soften the skin. There are times when your nails break down when they grow a bit. What Hyaluronic acid does is that it promotes healthy growth of the nails.

  • Potassium Sorbate:

Potassium Sorbate is an excellent preservative and helps the serum to maintain its quality for a long time to come. Secondly, the ingredient also prevents any kind of contamination that can occur. As a result, the product is safe to use at all times and gives you the desired results without a problem.

  • Lemon extract:

The best thing about Lemon extract is that it can help to brighten the nails and avoid discoloration. What is worth mentioning about Lemon extract is that it plays an important role in the production of collagen. Collagen helps to make your nails strong. Another aspect worth mentioning about lemon extract is that it is an excellent cleanser and helps in removing the dirt from the nails.

  • Vitamin E:

If you have any scars on your skin, then Vitamin E in this product helps you in getting rid of the scars. There are times when your skin is pigmented and you have uneven skin tone. Vitamin E helps to even out your complexion. The best part is that Vitamin E also plays a crucial role in repairing damaged nails.

  • Horesetail:

Horsetail is plant which has astringent properties. The benefit is that Horsetail plays an active role in tightening your skin. The plant also helps in improving your blood circulation. The benefit is that you can get healthy nails and skin. You will be able to prevent Hangnails too due to the presence of Horsetail in this serum.

  • Barbadensis leaf extract:

The common name of Barbadensis leaf extract is Aloe Vera. It soothes the skin. Plus, it tends to have a cooling effect also. There are times when you develop a lot of acne. What Aloe Vera does is that it treats the current acne. Plus, it also prevents more pimples.

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How Does Rangii Work?

Hyaluronic acid in this serum is a perfect humectant. It means that it helps to retain the moisture in the skin for a long time. The best part is that the ingredient helps in making your skin look plump. Lemon extract in this product helps to improve the elasticity and the firmness of the skin.

The good news is that Lemon extract tends to have anti-inflammatory properties also. It helps to soothe down your irritated skin in no time. Another aspect is that lemon extract is an exfoliant and it helps to get rid of the dead skin around your nails and skin.

The serum has a perfect combo of ingredients that work together so that it becomes easy for you to get the best results.


  • Rangii helps you achieve pinky and shiny nails
  • It protects your nails from different types of fungal infections
  • The best part is that the product helps to avoid nail splitting
  • If your nails or skin develop wounds, then the product promotes fast healing
  • It gets absorbed in the skin with immense ease
  • The serum does not have any unpleasant smell


  • You will not find this serum in physical stores
  • The website should offer more insight into the benefits of the ingredients

Where to buy Rangii?

Trust the official website because you can be sure of the fact that you will get your hands on an authentic product. Plus, there is transparency when you order from the official website of Rangii. The reason is that the price details are also available on the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rangii!

Q1. What is the price of Rangii?

  • One bottle costs about $69
  • Three bottles cost about $49
  • Six bottles cost about $39

Q2. How to use the Rangii serum?

You need to apply a small quantity of this serum one hour before you take a bath. Secondly, you should reapply the serum again an hour after your bath also.  When you apply the serum, make sure you massage a little bit so that the serum can get absorbed with ease. However, do take the advice of your skin specialist before using this serum.

Q3. Is refund policy available with Rangii?

60-day money-back guarantee is offered to see if the product works for you. If you fail to notice any difference, then you can request refund and no questions will be asked.

Q4. Is the Rangii scam?

No, Rangii is not a scam because ingredient information is available on the official website.

Q5. When does the company dispatch Rangii?

The company dispatches the product in 24 hours. It will take you about two to three days to receive the product.


When you opt for Rangii serum, then you will notice that it will help to heal your skin from sunburn also. The best part is that the ingredients of this serum are suitable for all types of skin. You will not have to worry about the fact that the pores of your skin will become clogged due to using this serum. However, what is important is to recognize the fact that you will not achieve overnight results. You must be consistent in using the serum and your skin and nails are bound to change drastically. Order this serum now to experience the best results.

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