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Winter is a beautiful season. It enhances the beauty of nature. But it also brings some cons for your health too. If you want to enjoy this winter season, you have to take some actions against the odds. In this article you will get top 10 natural skin care treatment for better skin in winter. We hope you will enjoy and take them on your account.

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#1 Buy A Humidifier

Winter season used to reduce the amount of humidity on the air. This can be the condition which is responsible for delicate skin and respiratory problem. So, you should use a humidifier to increase the humidity in the air. It will also help you in improving the moisturizing level of your room air. In medical term, it can provide you comfort in congestion and coughing. If you want healthy skin in winter, you should spend some money on a humidifier. This machine is also used in the hospital’s patient room for better comfort.

#2 Perfect Bath Time

Regular bath used to keep us hygienic and healthy. But you should avoid taking a long time in the shower. The long shower makes your skin dry and itchy in winter. American Association of Dermatology (AAD) has suggested to bath 5 to 10 minutes in a day. They have also recommended using cold water instead of hot water. Cold water can help you to remove germs from your skin and make your life comfortable. After the bath, use a dry towel to remove the water from your body. Keep neat and clean to lead a healthy life in winter.

#3 Wisely Choose Face Cream

We always want best for our face. The best natural skin care will be drinking enough water in a day. Besides, the best organic skin care face cream should be free from alcohol. Alcohol contains an ingredient which can make your skin dry. You should choose an alcohol-free moisturizing face cream for your beautiful face. Try to wash your face 2-3 times in a day and also does not forget about your lips. You can take some facial treatment using natural food face cream. You can call it “food for healthy skin treatment.”

#4 Maintain The Thermostat

The high thermostat is not good for your healthy skin in winter. It can also reduce your electricity bill when you keep it low. It is best to keep your thermostat in 20-degree Celsius to 22-degree Celsius in the daytime, and when you are going for sleep, you should set it from 17 to 19 degree Celsius. It can be a great action in your winter for comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

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 #5 Choose The Right Soap

We use soap during the bath for hygienic purpose. So, it is essential for you to choose the right soap for your shower in the winter. It should be fragrance-free moisturizing soap. Fragrance in the soap can cause dry skin and irritation on the skin. You should also try to avoid the use of excess soap during your bath. Excess consumption of them can be harmful to your skin in winter.

#6 Wear Comfortable Dresses

Neat and clean dresses are essential for healthy living. The fitting of your dress should be proper. You have to avoid tight-fitting because they can cause you itchiness and redness on your skin.  In winter, you can wear wool dresses as they used to observe moisturizer and they will also keep you warm. Cotton fiber can even get a chance in your dress list as they are comfortable and provide you better insulation

#7 Apply Sunscreen

Climate change is damaging our ozone layer day by day. So, the danger of UV sun rays is also increasing tremendously. You need to use sunscreen to protect your skin from this kind of radiation even in winter. According to the cancer foundation, using sunscreen can reduce the risk of skin cancer. You can also enhance your healthy skin and protect them from sunburn. You should always apply sunscreen in your open body part to the sun when you are going out of your home as a skin care treatment.

#8 Use Of Moisturizer In Winter

In cold temperature, air humidity used to keep low. They can make your skin dry and itchy.  At that time, you should take some oily skin care with some moisturizer cream. After a busy day in winter, you should never forget to wash your skin when you come home and apply some moisturizer. You should also use lip balm so that your lips do not crack or become dry in the cold weather.

#9 Avoid Wearing Wet Cloth

Sometimes in the road, sudden rain used to makes your cloth wet. In many other ways, your clothes can be wetted. If you do not remove the wet clothes as soon as possible, you will face a severe skin problem. It will be good for you to remove them as fast as possible and take a fresh shower. Always make sure that your winter clothes are dry and clean.

#10 Eat Healthy

It is necessary for all of us to eat healthy in all season. All kind of skin problems is directly or indirectly connected to your diet plan. Your diet chart should be rich in minerals and vitamins. Drink plenty of water and eat low-calorie nutritious food. Almost all kind of vegetable and fruits are good food for skin care. If you are eating junk food, then you should immediately remove them from your food chart and add some good food for your skin. Eat healthy to live healthily.

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In winter, many kinds of bad skin diseases used to show up. The main reason for this problem is not having a healthy lifestyle. You have to follow some guidelines to lead a better life in winter. We have discussed with youtop 10 natural skin care treatment for better skin which you can take in consideration during winter. If you are facing winter problems even after applying these points in your life, then you should consult a doctor.

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